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    • rogalal

      by Published on 13th July 2012 02:58 PM

      Basenotes member Rogalal reports from San Francisco's first Artisan Fragrance Salon, which was held earlier this month.

      I just got back from San Francisco's first Artisan Fragrance Salon. It was arranged by a group that organises wine and chocolate tasting salons along with Yosh Han (of Yosh perfumes), who put together a who's who of West Coast perfumers both big and small. I consider myself fairly well versed in perfumes, and I must admit that I'd never heard of about half of the people presenting, so it was a great learning experience and a chance to dive into the world of hyper-niche. Oh, and it took place in an art gallery, which is why there's some rather interesting art behind many of the perfumers in the pictures. ...