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    • Christopher Peterson

      by Published on 1st December 2012 09:19 PM

      Let’s start with the Neanderthal.

      I mentioned to a longtime acquaintance that I write an online column on men’s fragrances. “Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme,” were the words that then immediately came out of his mouth. He nodded his head profusely to assure me, and added, “no really!”

      The simplicity of his idea, his “stage of scent understanding” is clear in his brevity: for him all the whole domain is “Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme.” I didn’t even ask what did he meant, as in why D&G Pour Homme, what about it makes it ever perfect, did he wear it every day, say, or save it for weekend parties. Or otherwise why it would be the only one--maybe he’d argue D&G harvested more ladies per night’s wearing, for example, or maybe he’d say it’s the first one he bought himself after Mama stopped his buying. Who knows why or what for ...
      Xtreme Scents
      by Published on 14th February 2011 10:59 AM

      I love it when I hear people say they “love” a fragrance. Who couldn’t love a good odor vibe? The lucky of us who go searching for fragrances instead of wearing only the ones others give us know the joy; of the many scents out there, created in corporate labs, it’s a sudden shock when something seems to suddenly belong to us and fit us personally.

      But there are many ways to “love” a fragrance, including learning and gaining a love for it. Best of all is that it is in the end it isn’t the scent we love, instead it’s something in us that the scent touches, and with each scent we love there’s a different thing in us touched.
      Xtreme Scents
      by Published on 11th January 2010 08:55 PM

      A steampunk comes looking for an appropriate fragrance. (Well, doesn’t come to Basenotes looking, but to one of the most prominent of steampunkery devoted websites, brassgoggles.co.uk)

      But...“steampunk?” “Steampunkery?” Huh?

      Would you ever think Jules Verne and H.G. Wells could be topical again? Maybe you’ve heard the 1980s are back in fashion, but have you heard about the 1890s?

      No? Well this will be a fun column then, and I’ll explain, but bear with me for a few crazy paragraphs.

      Not too long ago, in an Internet forum galaxy far far away, comes a steampunk, Prof. Vincent “Goggles” Langstaff, as he self-identifies, to ask: “Here's an interesting topic I thought up today in the car... If you were to make a steampunk perfume/deodorant smell, what would it be? I for one think that freshly cut wood would make a nice smell... How about you?”
      Xtreme Scents
      by Published on 3rd October 2007 09:51 PM

      Here's a scent predicament: "I am spotty and ugly and tired of wanking: Which scent will make women fall ...
      Xtreme Scents
      by Published on 27th July 2007 09:46 PM

      Jennifer Borton / istockphoto

      Which men’s fragrance makes women swoon? What can I wear to attract ...
      Xtreme Scents
      by Published on 1st May 2003 09:16 PM

      Stop to smell roses on the path of life? No Thanks. Give me the gutter!


      It's always struck me as odd that perfumes and fragrances have tried to smell good. Think of the huge, whole range of smells that the world and the universe have. Think of it as a pie chart-all the smells that can possibly be conceived of being smelled, making up one single whole pie-graph. Think of the good scents being at the top of the pie, and the vile smells at the bottom. Then think of the small, small piece of that pie that represent the scents manufactured for men and women.
      Xtreme Scents
      by Published on 1st February 2003 08:38 PM

      Seeing Reality Behind GQ Magazine's Fragrant Smoke.

      What's all this yakkity-yak I hear about the sin of wearing too much fragrance? This is a problem that is simply overblown.

      Seems like you can't get away from the "wearing too much" issue whenever the subject of cologne comes up. Sometimes people are so afraid of "too much" that it's the only thing they talk about regarding scent. Late night talk show hosts make jokes about wearing too much. One night I saw The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (on late night American network television). In his monologue of inane frat-boy wink-wink jokes, he suddenly started a new one: "And guys, about cologne," I remember him saying although I can only paraphrase him, "only two hits -- like this: bap-bap!" he said, slapping one side of his face, and then the other. Then he put on a dim-witted, inside joke-style smile and gazed into the camera. The laugh-track rolled.


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