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      by Published on 18th June 2014 03:49 PM

      There’s a funny thing about noses: Everyone smells things differently. Every single olfactory experience is unique to the person smelling it. That’s astonishing when you think about it; 100 people smelling the same rose will experience that smell in their own, particular, way. How they experience that rose’s scent will depend on their memories, their experience of having smelled roses before, their own physical makeup, even their mood will have an effect. Some people even “see” smells (a condition called “synaesthesia”), and every person who “sees” a smell will see it filtered through their own unique experience too. It’s pretty wonderful, and completely mind-blowing when you ponder on smell for a while. ...
      by Published on 30th May 2014 03:55 PM

      My heart sinks whenever I get an email from Basenotes, as olfactory torture generally follows.

      Last year I found myself doused in the poundshop's finest “fragrances” for a week, and this year's “If you want to douse yourself in celebrity fragrance for a week, I'll facilitate it” email didn't bode well either.

      Fact is, I'm now semi-officially Basenotes' stunt fragrance wearer, and I'm not entirely sure how it happened.
      by Published on 1st February 2013 04:36 PM

      When the latest brief from your editor begins “Do you have access to a pound shop?”, you know you’re in trouble. When that brief then goes on to suggest you spend a week wearing “fragrances” you find in the aforementioned pound shop your heart sinks, and you might have a little cry at your desk. However, when said editor then suggests you enlist the help of your partner, meaning you can torture him a little in the process, well, you can’t really refuse, can you? You can, however, bear a grudge. Just sayin’ …

      Anyway, the challenge was to spend £14 in the "poundshop of our choice", on seven female fragrances, and seven masculine fragrances, wear one (each) every day for a week, and report back on our experiences. So here we are. I think I have my vision back now. However, I’ll never be able to show my face in the local poundshop ever again ...
      Published on 7th December 2012 09:43 AM

      Buying the dress was easy. I simply typed the words “purple dress” into eBay, and there, waiting in the very first line of results was my dress. The right colour, the right style, and most importantly, the right size. A couple of clicks and a matter of seconds later I’d made what most people think of as the big wedding purchase: “The Dress”.

      Normal people that is, not a fledgling fume-nerd like myself. For, ever since I found myself engaged last February, I’ve been thinking about what perfume to wear with that dress. What scent is it that I want to be inextricably linked with what is meant to be, after all, one of the most memorable days of one’s life? I’ve got professionals to deal with my hair and makeup, so my wedding perfume really is the most personal of these decisions. ...