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    • Smell Bent

      Perfume News
      Published on 12th February 2014 01:34 PM

      South London's Roullier White will be stocking L.A. Perfume House ‘Smell Bent’ this summer. “I have been a huge fan of this edgy, fun and stylish brand since they exploded onto the fragrance scene . It is a reminder of the pure ...
      Perfume News
      by Published on 7th March 2012 11:43 AM

      Last month, Smell Bent launched a new range of fragrances called "vo·cab·u·lary". Each fragrance is named after what it smells like, and aims to make perfume more accessible. The six fragrances are: Woody, Musky, Dry, Green, Citrus and Floral. Perfumer, Brent Leonesio, wrote on his blog : "vo·cab·u·lary started as the fusion of 2 difference ideas for collections. The first was a “do-it-yourself” perfume kit that I thought about for holiday. It was going to be a set of single notes to play mix-n-match with. The second was a spring collection of sheer sprays. I realized that they could come together as something more than the sum of their parts. The idea was create scents that embody the language of the perfume world. "

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