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    • Aedes de Venustas

      by Published on 17th December 2013 11:41 AM

      When the words ‘mood board’ are uttered, there’s a moment of tension. It’s barely perceptible, but the writers in the room pick up on it straight away and give each other a worried glance. Karl Bradl, founder of New York’s much-revered niche store, Aedes De Venustas, has just used the term to explain his preferred method of communicating ideas to the perfumers who have made scents for his brand. One of these very perfumers, the ubiquitous Bertrand Duchaufour, appears to detect the frisson as well. A knowing smile appears on his face, suggesting he’s well aware that ‘mood board’ has almost become synonymous with ‘death by committee’: a sure-fire way not of generating creativity, but of completely annihilating it.

      “I can assure you,” he says, “that there's nothing similar between a mood board coming from Calvin Klein and a mood board from Karl.”
      Fragrance News
      Published on 28th May 2013 05:21 AM

      New York's Aedes de Venustas is following up last years Eau de Parfum with new fragrance, Iris Nazarena. The fragrance is named after the rare Iris ...