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About Hesane

Basic Information

Date of Birth
April 19, 1995 (23)
About Hesane
I am a 17-year-old Egyptian guy who claims to be cool and open-minded and love exploring and reading. I'm fluent in Arabic and English and in German so-so, and am currently taking Japanese, Dutch, French, and Swedish and can not forget that I need to improve my German. I love to learn about different cultures. I like to analyse things and use logic and common sense. I'm never idle. I love music. My taste in music is unique and eclectic.
I listen to (love) Björk, Muse, Kasabian, Epica, Depeche Mode, the Prodigy, Moby, the Black Keys, Massive Attack, Beethoven, U2, Portishead, System of a Down, the Potbelleez, Linkin Park, the Black Eyed Peas, Sarah Brightman, Pink Floyd, Queen, Showtek, Leonard Cohen, Neil Diamond, Air, Radiohead, the Courteeners, Yazoo, Mozart, Rufus Wainwright, ABBA, and over 700 other artists (hence I have 14216 songs on my iTunes library) but sure less often.
I don't play computer games. Audiosurf is cool, though...
I don't watch TV (any more). I don't watch sports, and I especially dislike watching Football.
I like jogging and working out. I'm a type-1 diabetic. I was diagnosed in December 5, 2005. Since then and until this moment, I take great care of my health and make it my #1 priority to keep my blood sugar levels under control.
I have a very complex yet simple personality.
I have very high standards. I'm an idealist, a perfectionist, a Liberal, and a free-thinking Atheist. I'm also pretty too much of a sceptic.
I very much admire Björk, Albert Einstein, Dalai Lama, Buddha, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sigmund Freud, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Muhammad Ali Pasha, Queen Elizabeth II, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and George Bernard Shaw.
I'm very good at sarcasm - just almost as good as you are at wasting your time (or perhaps using it well).
Although my native language is Arabic, I have somehow at some point in the past four years managed to think in English. Even for over a year now my dreams have been in English. I figure I think better and more rationally in English than I do in Arabic. I think I'm intelligent and I have always been maturer than most people my age but I don't tell people that in their faces, I only let them have the impression of who I actually am other than of just being a shy, well-mannered and polite guy. Naturally. Everyone that I know has told me that I am maturer than people my age. I most like mature and responsible people. I believe I am maturer and more responsible than my father and even the rest of my family are. I dislike stupid and irresponsible people such as my father. I hate those who are bigoted, arrogant, dumb, ignorant, 'hateful', stupid, aggressive, self-centred, prejudiced, and judgemental. I'm racist to Indians, Arabs, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Persians, Gulfians, and 'most' Poles and I acknowledge and embrace my racism which is rather because of rational things and general traits I highly dislike in these specific people. But, my tolerant nature is always dominant, so if anyone, even if he or she happens to belong to any of the races mentioned, is actually nice to me after knowing where and what my beliefs are, I even try to be nicer and better than they are!
I like Scandinavians and the Japanese. I especially like Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Germany, and Ireland. Canada and Australia are extremely cool countries and are rather so peaceful to the point of being boring compared to other countries. I'm open-minded and generally tolerant, but I can hardly tolerate stupidity or ignorance or religious extremists of any religion - (I especially dislike the radical and extremists of Islam in retarded countries like Pakistan (who immigrate to the UK) and such) - those who are always self-righteous, wrong, bigoted, stupid, and just hopeless. I used to be a Muslim until August 2012 after years of thinking, reasoning and consideration. I am happy.
I can be extremely patient but I'm never really satisfied. I'm 'always' thinking and I'm always tired but I'm also energetic and naturally spontaneous.
I'm critical and can be quite a blunt, but I'm always thoughtful and sensitive. In a nutshell, I can be anything (anything includes stupid - lol)

As for someone who is very interested in Astrology, I am, well, very interested in astrology (O_O) - I know my chart and my dominant planets. I totally love it and totally love the fact that I'm always, normally attracted to Virgos, Capricorns, and Scorpios (WIN) - My first and only love, Sarah, is a Virgo with a Capricorn ascendant, Cancer Moon, Libra Mercury and Venus, and Mars in Scorpio (My fucking soulmate)
My astrological chart:

Sun in Aries (28°47'09) - Aries/Taurus: an Arius *proud*
Moon in Sagittarius
Mercury in Taurus
Venus in Pisces
Mars in Leo

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Saturn in Pisces
Uranus in Aquarius (0°22'01)
Neptune in Capricorn
Pluto in Sagittarius (0°02'28)
Chiron in Virgo

True Node in Scorpio
Ceres in Leo
Pallas in Gemini
Juno in Capricorn
Vesta in Cancer
Lilith in Taurus
Fortune in Aquarius

Ascendant in Cancer (4°57'10) (Gemini-Cancer cusp?)
Descendant in Capricorn
Medium Coeli 'Midheaven' in Pisces

The dominant signs:

1. Aquarius (16.4%)
2. Pisces (14.9%)
3. Sagittarius (12.5%)
4. Capricorn (12.1%)
5. Taurus (7.7%)
6. Virgo (7.4%)
7. Leo (6.3%)
8. Aries (6%)


1. Uranus (13.5%)
2. Saturn (11.7%)
3. Venus (10.7%)
4. Sun (10.7%)
5. Moon (10.3%)
6. Neptune (10.1%)
7. Mercury (9.5%)
8. Jupiter (9.4%)

...and elements:

1. Earth (27.1%)
2. Fire (24.8%)
3. Air (24.1%)
4. Water (23.9%)


1. Mutual (37.4%)
2. Fixed (36%)
3. Cardinal (26.5%)

The most powerful (or rather dangerous) aspects in my chart:
1. Uranus (Aqu) Sextile [Sag] Pluto - power: 71.04
2. Uranus (Aqu) Conjunct (Cap) Neptune - power: 58.13
3. Jupiter [Sag] Square (Pis) Saturn - power: 24.76
4. Neptune (Cap) Sextile [Sag] Pluto - power: 21.09
5. Mars (Leo) Trine [Sag] Jupiter - power: 18.45
6. Sun (Ari) Square (Aqu) Uranus - power: 16.87
7. Sun (Ari) Square (Cap) Neptune - power: 15.19
8. Venus (Pis) Sextile (Cap) Neptune - power: 12.61
9. Venus (Pis) Trine [Sag] Pluto - power: 11.00
10. Mercury (Tau) Square (Aqu) Uranus - power: 9.87
11. Venus (Pis) Conjunct (Pis) Saturn - power: 7.15
12. Saturn (Pis) Sextile (Cap) Neptune - power: 6.56
13. Moon (Sag) Square (Pis) Saturn - power: 6.32
14. Venus (Pis) Sextile (Aqu) Uranus - power: 4.95
15. Moon (Sag) Conjunct [Sag] Jupiter - power: 2.71
16. Mercury (Tau) Square (Cap) Neptune - power: 2.40
17. Sun (Ari) Conjunct (Tau) Mercury - power: 2.30
18. Moon (Sag) Trine (Leo) Mars - power: 1.63
19. Saturn (Pis) Trine [Sag] Pluto - power: 0.98
20. Moon (Sag) Square (Pis) Venus - power: 0.85
21. Sun (Ari) Trine (Sag) Moon - power: 0.36

Phew! That was my interest in Astrology (and my self and my awesomeness and brilliance) in brief.

lol at "A few details". I think I've just put way too much info on here..
Music, Psychology, Science, Philosophy, Languages, Photography, Reading, Health, Astrology, Thinking
Senior Student
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Cairo, Egypt
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