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    A heads up, this week's Sync Friday has your name written all over it.
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    Thanks ZC
  3. Thanks for the sweet bday wishes, you fine-smellin' gent!
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    Fahrenleit! Good stuff!
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    Part 1/34

    Happy Birthday, ZC! You're only 19 in dragon years, right?

    Ooops, I accidentally deleted Parts 2-34.
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    Part 1/7

    "The bottle is seriously heavy, like the debt of honor owed to the person giving you this".... Really ?

    I'm just wondered in stumbling on a website in search of a fragrance (you guessed it; Lagerfeld Classic) to find reviews of fragrances that.... I mean..., I came looking without any expectations, if anything were to be, obviously it'd be information about the scent I just looked up. It delivers alright, on various levels and in multiple ways: coming from no review-just listed notes to a general review, a "this is what happened" description all the way to a story, apparently. I remember the first time I voluntarily read a book, "Papillon" by Henry Charriere, for some reason I started reading the first page and before I knew it I was at chapter whatever. Well written story, at least then, to me. At some point I decided I didn't want to read novels nor autobiographies.... Any book.
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    Part 2/7

    Nowadays I find myself reading reviews on coffee somewhere or fragrances on Basenotes. Finding info on a selected fragrance reading various reviews is easy here, I no longer necessarily read these to gain insight, since I have found my top three male fragrances (+ reserves) and am no longer on that quest. Finding reviews that are, besides informative, entertaining and easy to read was not a quest; the first review I read was by this reviewer, later other reviewers followed. I read these primarily for fun. From a readers view I suppose: they're there, for some just to read for most to get an impression. Thanks to all reviewers.

    So ! Have you ever read a review by this man ? He opens with a nice intro (out of the ones I've read; first page "Papillon"'s mostly), carries the readers through background/history, enough to keep it comfortable and enjoyable.
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    Part 3/7

    The second paragraph focuses on the fragrance reviewed: tells about how the scent opens, what it carries on with and then how it sits and how long these occurrences last, who'll notice and if something happens in the meantime, you will read about it. All that and more. He then concludes. Throughout the review references are made, some to other fragrances (out of which some you pick out and read). It may also include how much application is sufficient, who'd best/likely wear it, who shouldn't touch it, and where it could be worn. Come to think of it, it's almost a manual, if they were shorter, they could function as such. But then again, different people: different manifestations/interpretations and different purposes I guess (don't read into it ZC...., I'm a friend. For the rest of you: what audience it likely is targeted at, is often in there too).
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    Part 4/7

    Anyways, as a bonus you'll catch phrases like the one quoted above (to appreciate that quote, you'd have to read the review it's stated in) to name one out of many that come from this author. I am not as skiIled a writer as you are and am nowhere near close in knowing fragrances like most of you do, so I will stop right here, any other member is welcome to do/complete doing these reviews justice.

    So ! Have you ever read a fragrance review at all ? Start with "Aventus" followed by "Green Irish Tweed" reviewed on this page. If you have no interest in reading, no interest in fragrances, there is a good chance you'll develop one and might begin to like both. I have.
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    Part 5/7

    What is admirable is that somewhere along the line I became somewhat of an educated lady. I stepped in the masculine fragrance world this summer with a vocabulary that consisted out of three words only: nice, no and love. Until then I had only loved once. Now I know before saying "no" at first spray, I have to understand that this is the opening of a scent, it has a journey (with or without scenery) and eventually gets to a destination. It (if constructed so) evolves. Well, point taken. Still, for me to wear a fragrance the opening has to be "Love", as does the entire journey. I don't gift fragrances since it is a matter of personal preference/taste (what isn't ?) both on mine and the receivers behalf. If ever I should, I'd have to nail it. Maybe I can put a smile on the first one's face, the guy I'm thinking of has a beautiful one. At this point I see why the stories are told and know how they are told.
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Drugstore, Designer, and Niche: What are the Differences?

by Zealot Crusader on 21st May 2018 at 08:31 AM
Most of us entering the world of perfume as a hobby learn really quickly that not all scents are created equal, and even within the purview of a single fragrance line, there can be differences based on various vintages of the scent, depending on how long it's been in production. It's honestly no wonder that the more pedantic members of our community fastidiously catalog every batch code of a scent (if given), and painstakingly chronicle the differences, with phrases like "Cosmair Era".

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Random Musings

You Are What You Wear: The Perils of Perfume Snobbery

by Zealot Crusader on 12th May 2018 at 10:38 PM
My crazy reinvigorated journey into fragrance once again has taught me a lot. For starters, I never knew there was a discernable difference between eau de cologne and eau de toilette, and that eau de toilette concentrée is a fancy way of saying eau de parfum for all intents and purposes at a time when men saw the word "parfum" as inexorably female. I also learned that high-end perfumes don't stop with Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, but keep going into exclusive ranges, and finally niche

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Updated 13th May 2018 at 12:36 AM by Zealot Crusader

Random Musings

Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History Pt 7: Is Avon Still Calling? Not in the US.

by Zealot Crusader on 4th May 2018 at 03:26 AM
We can't really blame Avon for the state of things post-2010. The American consumer market had been slowly drifting away from the brand since the mid-1980's, when they initially failed to keep up with market trends and went into their own little cultish detached world by the 90's. Only folks who were 2nd and 3rd-generation Avon loyals that had grown up with the brand were really chomping at the bit for their products, which is a similar problem Sears faced in it's stores, leading to new generations

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Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History Pt 6: Renaissance Overreach

by Zealot Crusader on 3rd May 2018 at 11:26 PM
Avon had a completely different outlook after the turn of the millenium thanks to CEO Andrea Jung. The company touted as being for women by women was finally lead by one for the first time ever, and Jung brought her experience from managing Nordstrom to the table. She wanted to lift the company upmarket, both back to mid-tier levels where it sat in the 60's and 70's, plus make a new designer tier called "Mark" that would be sold brick and mortar in department stores at the beauty and perfume

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Updated 9th May 2018 at 08:22 PM by Zealot Crusader

Door to Door Drugstore: Avon Products

Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History Pt 5: The Carnival Bizarre

by Zealot Crusader on 3rd May 2018 at 02:26 AM
Avon perfume as a whole took a dive in the 1990's as their ultimate game plan of focusing on cosmetics went into effect and their perfume profits came from owning a small portfolio of designer brands. Obviously, there were generations of women that would buy nothing but Avon perfume, so there was still a reason to not give it up entirely, but the men's lines were really little more than an afterthought, with Avon treating entire lines with the same lack of attention they once gave their prolific

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Updated 4th May 2018 at 04:31 AM by Zealot Crusader

Door to Door Drugstore: Avon Products
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