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Topic Review (Newest First)

  • 20th December 2012, 09:35 PM
    WOW...he was wearing Műres et Musc at 13 yrs old.
  • 20th December 2012, 11:41 AM
    Another great interview Alfarom! You are spoiling us. I agree with the comments above, HDP is a wonderful line, as are the rest of the Library. Peter and Alice looks like straight up fun, and I am really looking forward to Veni Vidi Vici. And I must say, a fragrance for a genderless future being, now THAT does sound interesting.
  • 20th December 2012, 10:00 AM
    Nice work alfarom. Thanks for sharing.
  • 20th December 2012, 02:26 AM

    Great interview.
  • 19th December 2012, 01:54 AM
    nice interview Alfarom! nice pictorial layout as well.
  • 18th December 2012, 02:31 PM
    Interesting article, Alfarom. Thanks!
  • 18th December 2012, 12:32 AM
    Fantastic interview! M. Ghislain is very interesting and very loveable. I find his curiosity and willingness to find inspiration anywhere quite refreshing. A scent for children's rights?! I'm definitely impressed and hope it has great success. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring HdP and look forward to trying the Alice & Peter and Scent of Departure lines as well. And speaking of trilogies: the HdP tuberoses are so very special-keep the Capricieuse coming please!
  • 17th December 2012, 10:32 PM
    Great interview, Alfarom! I enjoyed reading it.
  • 16th December 2012, 08:18 AM
    Thank you Alfarom! HdP has been a favorite of mine and I am one of the many funs of 1969. As for Monsieur Ghislain, ... I personally felt a bit disappointed. Too much self-promotion ... and the cupcakes are evocative of what exactly?
  • 15th December 2012, 05:46 AM
    If I may add a comment, please, M. Ghislain, don't skimp on ingredients. Your perfumes have great longevity and sillage, interesting concept and pleasant, unique scents.

    Don't change!
  • 14th December 2012, 06:36 PM
    Lila Das Gupta
    Lovely interview, thanks Alfarom, enjoyed getting to know Mr Ghislain a bit more.
  • 14th December 2012, 03:37 PM
    Looking forward to Veni, Vici, Vedi. They sure sound intriguing. Wonderful interview, Alfarom!
  • 14th December 2012, 03:32 PM
    Great article, Alfarom. Thank you for sharing this article on one of my favourite lines. I love 1740, 1804, 1889 and just bought 1876!

    Keep up the great scents, M. Ghislain!
  • 14th December 2012, 09:23 AM
    great interview alfarom!
  • 14th December 2012, 07:59 AM
    Nice job alfarom, but some answers by Monsieur Ghislain were rather nondescript for my taste. With regard to the wine comparison - if Histoires de Parfums cannot maintain a consistent formulation of his creation(s) - why not label them like wine bottles with the vintage year on it? *rolleyes*
  • 14th December 2012, 04:21 AM
    I love HdP and have five of their fragrances, amazing house. 1725 may be my favorite. Really great job on the interview. I like how the 1740 reformulation topic came up. Seems like Gérald might have been hedging a bit? :smiley: Kudos to Mr. Ghislain and his vision! I hope he is reading this, you are fantastic! Keep up the brilliant work. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. The Scent of Departure Line is going to be great, I cannot wait to sample every one of those! I look forward to meeting you one day, maybe in NYC? Until then....
  • 13th December 2012, 05:43 PM

    Re: Article: An interview with Gérald Ghislain - mastermind of Histoires de Parfums

    Great interview!
  • 13th December 2012, 01:42 PM

    Article: An interview with Gérald Ghislain - mastermind of Histoires de Parfums

    You can view the page at

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