Natural Perfumers Guild membership event

by Grant Osborne, 02nd February, 2012

The Natural Perfumers Guild are holding a membership event. Now through February 14th, all new members will enjoy 12% off the membership fee, and will be eligible for the drawing of natural perfumery-related gifts. Please visit and use the code 1B6DE36B0C for the discount.

The Natural Perfumers Guild is a dynamic, international organization dedicated to all aspect of natural aromatics - history, growing, distillation and extraction, supply, regulations, perfumers, associates, suppliers and friends. Now in their fifth year, the Guild boasts a dynamic community discussion forum, several committees that address issues and opportunities and high Internet visibility due to several successful and thought-provoking blogging events such as the Mystery of Musk, Outlaw Perfume, Brave New Scents and Joy in January.

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