Mugler announces A*Men Pure shot and teases Alien Essence Absolue

by Lila Das Gupta, 07th February, 2012

Thierry Mugler has announced that it is to release a new fragrance in the A*men series. A*men Pure Shot will be available from May 2012.

The face of the fragrance is Oscar Pistorius, the South African athlete who has won several medals as a sprinter at international sports events. Pistorius will take part in the 2012 Olympic Paralympic games in London. He has worked with Mugler before and was the face of the original A*Men fragrance in a campaign which featured the sportsman wearing silver Mugler designed trousers running with carbon-fiber blades.

Above: Pistorius in the A*Men advertisement from last year

Pistorius was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 ‘Heroes and Pioneers’ in 2008. Joël Palix, President of Clarins Fragrance Group said that he first read about Pistorius in the French newspaper ‘Libération’ and had become inspired by his story. The athlete had his legs amputated at 11 months due to a birth defect. “I was looking for someone with an exceptional destiny and I found him in Oscar” said Palix.

Speaking in London, Pierre Aulas, Olfactive Director at Thierry Mugler, told Basenotes ‘Pure Shot comes from the adrenaline shot you have during training or sport. It’s also connected to drugs, so it belongs in our territory!”

The fragrance is built from 3 accords which have been named: Boost, Adrenaline and Strength.Boost/ Top Notes

“We used a specific kind of mint for this” says Aulas. “Also juniper berry. The whole effect is ‘very freezing’.

Adrenaline/ Middle Notes

“I had a problem describing this one” jokes Aulas “I wanted to call it a spicy discharge, but they tell me that’s rude in English” says the Frenchman. “We have used a rare variety of white pepper from Indonesia, not the kind you use for cooking.”

Strength/ Base Notes

“This is a woody accord. It has Patchouli as do all the limited edition A*men fragrances, this is always our home. It also contains sequoia wood.”

The perfumer for A*men Pure Shot is Jacques Huclier for Givaudan, who also created the original A*Men fragrance and previous flankers.

Basenotes was also given a sneak preview of the Alien Essence Absolue which will be released in the summer. “I’m particularly proud of this” says Pierre Aulas. It has an absolut from the Vanilla Pod, the outside, which is far less sweet than vanillin, it is more the smell of the pod which has some animalic tones to it. The bottle is beautiful too is is curvy and ‘callipyge’ [Basenotes translation from French: having beautifully shaped buttocks!]

The notes for Alien Essence Absolue will include ‘Black Vanilla’, Orris, Myrrh and Incense.

The company will also bring out a leather series in the autumn along the same lines as the Taste of Fragrance series launched last year.

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    • d4N13L | 7th February 2012 12:37

      So it will not be a Pure Leather, but the entire regular line with leather added?

      Sounds gorgeous!

      Ps: Cant imagine Womanity, gif + salt + leather!

    • rttoronto | 7th February 2012 17:55

      I'm not a fan of any of the A*mens, but this sounds like it has potential.

    • Francop | 7th February 2012 18:46

      Oh My God...!!!

      It is all happening in the Mugler line this year...2012 will go down in History as the Year of Mugler Perfumery...

      I really look forward to all of them...

      Thanks very much indeed Lila :rolleyesold:

    • teardrop | 7th February 2012 19:24

      Alien with incense? Yes please! :)

    • PureBoy | 7th February 2012 21:17

      I´m tired of all this! Why TM doesn´t release a new male fragrance and stop with all these flankers?

      Don´t wanna know about Mugler anymore...

      A*Men Pure... lack of imagination!

    • Francop | 7th February 2012 23:40

      I Think it is really exciting...don`t you ???

    • CanwllCorfe | 8th February 2012 01:56

      More interested in Alien. I hate the patchouli note in A*Men, so I think they're all doomed for me personally.

    • heperd | 8th February 2012 06:30

      "It’s also connected to drugs, so it belongs in our territory!”

      ^What does this mean?

    • Francop | 8th February 2012 08:36

      I know what does it really mean???

    • MonkeyBars | 8th February 2012 18:28

      It means the "Olfactive Team" at Mugler are all cokeheads. No surprise, it's the fashion industry after all.

    • Francop | 17th February 2012 06:57

      We shall wait and see...:-)

    • Sex panther | 18th February 2012 02:08

      Its for sale now. Ordered mine yesterday ;) blind buy

    • Francop | 18th February 2012 12:28

      I shall test it first I think. Thanks very much :-)

    • nico44 | 20th February 2012 16:35

      be nice to hear what everyone thinks about the new fragrance, im told its like a minty blast, little like bmen, nothing to what the coffee, malt,havane or chilli were like we see