Floris Launch Royal Arms Perfume To Celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee

by Lila Das Gupta, 28th February, 2012

Britain's oldest perfume house, Floris, has launched a new perfume called 'Royal Arms' Diamond Jubilee to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the HM The Queen Elizabeth II as monarch.

The 'Royal Arms' Eau de Parfum is a floral fragrance with rose and jasmine and at its heart and top notes of violet. The perfume was originally released by the company in April 1926 to celebrate the birth of HM The Queen, HRH Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary [pictured below at her Christening with her parents, TRH The Duke and Duchess of York and her grandparents, TM King George V and Queen Mary].

"We thought it was a lovely place to start" said Shelagh Foyle, perfumer at Floris, displaying the original leather-bound formula book from the 1920s with the recipe for 'Royal Arms' in it. "We've updated it and brought in new aspects making them relevant to today. In any case some ingredients like cascarilla, you can't get hold of any more and others like animal bases we don't use at all these days."

As well as the EDP, six bottles of 'Royal Arms' are being produced in perfume strength. One of these will go to HM The Queen - Floris is the only perfumer to hold a Royal Warrant from the present monarch. They also hold a Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales to supply perfume.

The six antique bottles being used were found by chance in a box at the Company's warehouse, wrapped in newspaper from World War I. One bottle will go to the Floris museum at the shop, one will be auctioned for charity and the three remaining will go on sale for £15,000 each. "We only made a liter of the perfume strength" says Foyle, "just in case we get a repeat request from the Palace." The bottle comes with a small 18 carat gold chain with a 0.5 carat diamond.

Floris holds 17 Royal Warrants and is the oldest firm still in existence to hold a warrant. Its founder was Juan Floris, a Spaniard from island of Menorca. On hand to launch the perfume at the Jermyn Street shop were Edward Bodenham and Polly Gredley who are 9th generation family members - the company has remained in family hands for 280 years.

Top notes of the fragrance are Bergamot, Lemon and Violet Leaves; the heart features Iris, Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang; the dry down contains notes of Amber, Musk, Patchouli and Vanilla.

Royal Arms Diamond Edition will be available in April, 100ml EDP for £99

The company will also release a perfume for the 2012 London Olympics in April.

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    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 28th February 2012 14:12

      Maybe they should have made a perfume based on the smell of fresh paint, as that's what the queen thinks the world smells like. Everywhere she goes, some poor sod has had to re-paint all the walls so that everything looks pristine.:grin:

    • Primrose | 28th February 2012 19:31

      Now that's a rather dour look on things. :grin:

      I, personally, am interested in what this smells like. To be honest, fragrance marketing has always referred to nobles and royals--French counts and royal weddings, secret lovers of aristocrats and the so-called perfume of Queen Marie-Antoinette. At least this fragrance was inspired by a real queen and a real event in history.

      In addition, Floris have a real Royal Warrant! (two of them, actually.) Don't let the "three plume" logo on any other fragrance brand fool you!

      They are very exclusive: Six antique bottles containing the parfum have been produced, presented in beautiful art deco bottles. Each one adorned with a 50 point fair trade white diamond on a chain, that sits around the neck of the bottle. The Queen receives the first one, naturally. One stays in the Floris family museum, another goes to auction charity and two will be the sale in the shop at the price of £15,000 each. The John Lewis in Oxford Street will have the other perfume in its new perfumery hall.

    • kieron0504 | 28th February 2012 21:48

      Yardley has a couple of Royal warrants including one from the present monarch - are they still considered perfumers today?

    • Primrose | 29th February 2012 07:26

      I think they still have the warrants on the packaging of their fragrances. The box I have of their Orange Blossom show the warrants of HM the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

    • Perfume Profiler | 29th February 2012 10:45

      Hi Lila, thanks for this article update on Floris commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the HM The Queen Elizabeth II as monarch. I can't wait to smell it! I wonder if The Queen had any input in the creation for Floris and Yardley, or for any other perfume house for that matter who is also commemorating the occasion. x

    • Lila Das Gupta | 1st March 2012 10:19

      I was very excited at first sniff on paper, because the top note has a distinct whiff of violet and I love violets. Sadly that doesn't last on my skin and the perfume didn't smell lovely to me either... I'm a great fan of Floris, so a bit gutted. The Perfume strenght, which is going to HM The Queen actually has more violet in it according to the perfumer - she said you have to decrease it the more your dilute it because it becomes more noticable. I didn't get to try the perfume strenght on my skin, only to smell from paper, but I liked the EDP more. The perfume reminded me a bit of paperwhites...

      I would be very surprised if some modifications hadn't been sent to the Palace. I think the Queen rather likes perfume and takes an interest in Floris, I can't imagine they would have put out something she didn't like.

    • fazilicious | 6th March 2012 04:43

      my two cents...in addition to Floris, Penhaligon also has royal warrant on fragrance

    • Grant | 6th March 2012 11:50

      Yes you're right, I missed that one!

    • Grant | 8th March 2012 11:59

      Royal Warrant Update: I misread the article - it states that "Floris is the only perfumer to hold a Royal Warrant from the present monarch".

      Royal Warrants are held by Yardley for toiletries and Penhaligons is perfumer to Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles -- not the present monarch.


    • fazilicious | 8th March 2012 20:13

      oh, i guess i understood the royal warrant term wrong...so it has to be Queen or King specifically !