Limited Edition Bottles : Le Male and A*Men

by Grant Osborne, 05th March, 2012

A few limited edition bottles, spotted by Basenotes members: Jean Paul Gaultier are launching a travel flask version of Le Male, and Thierry Mugler are launching a gold version of A*Men.

Thierry Mugler's A*Men Gold Edition is available as 3.4fl oz (100ml) Eau de Toilette for $115 and is currently available at Macy's. The fragrance is refillable and was created to honour the 2012 Olympic Games.

Le Male Travel Flask is available as 125ml Eau de Toilette, and according to Jean Paul Gaultier's website is "ready for all occasions, in your bag or in your pocket. "

Hat tip: thegoon24 and JohnnyLeMale

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    • kalli | 5th March 2012 23:02

      Le Male has to be one of the worst male frags I have come across ever. Horrible no matter what bottle it's in!

    • slesperado | 7th March 2012 00:26

      I agree with kalli. Le Male smells horrible to me. I actually gave my bottle away. That's how much I hated it.

    • 2003 | 7th March 2012 23:19

      Le Male is a top fragrance with an amazing opening, real nice middle and sweet ending.

      The only thing is that EVERYBODY wears it.

      If you want to stand out in the's not something to wear:p

    • Bobster | 10th March 2012 22:44

      Right on Kalli and slesperado. Can not stand Le male.... Horrendous