Andy Tauer Launches Limited Edition Dark Passage

by Lila Das Gupta, 05th March, 2012

Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer has launched a limited edition perfume called 'Dark Passage'. The fragrance, which is part of the Tableau de Parfums series, has been created as a fundraiser for the production of the film project 'Only Child'.

The movie, the second feature-length film in the Woman's Picture Series (Miriam being the first, which was accompanied by a Tauer perfume of the same name), features Grace Zabriskie (Big Love, Twin Peaks) and Amy LaVere.

"The pair play an estranged mother and daughter with a hidden secret between them. As mother searches for daughter, trying to retrace her steps after a sudden disappearance, the women's shared background comes into sharper focus, revealing a strange and destructive bond" say the makers, who describe it as:

"A modern day mother/daughter noir with influences as diverse as Psycho, Three Women, Now, Voyager and Mildred Pierce. The locales are the typical haunts of noir: neglected roadside motels, sun faded diners, and homes that hide menace under a veneer of fancy decor. The characters are trapped in the past but trying to move away from it. Their identities are fluid and merge, making it harder for them to know themselves and each other."

Described as a “snapshot” fragrance by Tauer, 'Dark Passage' can be purched exclusively through Kickstarter Campaign, proceeds from the sale will go towards making the film.

In addition Tauer has also created a fragrant 100g soap to be sold on behalf of the campaign. Notes are said to include Geranium, Rose, Orange blossom, Tuberose, Ripe Fruits, and ambergris.

Film maker Brian Pera said: "When we started the Woman’s Picture series, I contacted my favorite perfumer, Zurich’s Andy Tauer about collaborating on a group of fragrances inspired by the characters in the films. Perfume was a big part of my childhood and plays a big role in the memories I have of the women in my family. Perfume is memory; like noir it merges past and present. Andy and I wanted to create scents that work with the films, enhancing the complexity of the characters even more. For this kickstarter campaign, Andy has created several exclusive items inspired by the stories of Loretta and her mother."

The 'Only Child' campaign is also running on Facebook ( and on Evelyn Avenue’s blog

'Dark Passage' Tableau de Parfums is available as a 7ml purse spray.

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    • kalli | 6th March 2012 02:02

      Wow, interesting. Insert a bleep next time on the trailers, thanks:). I hope the fume is as interesting as the name of it:D.

    • Foustie | 6th March 2012 12:48

      Loved the trailer. Just gone from Evelyn Avenue to Vimeo and have seen the little interviews with women talking about smells. Must pursue the films. Thanks.

    • mumsy | 6th March 2012 17:05

      A very interesting frag name to choose. "Hi, I'm wearing 'dark passage'" :embarassed: The notes look fine and I'm sure the film will be super.

    • Francop | 7th March 2012 12:48

      Loved the trailer; very inspiring; do look forward to smeeling this scent...:rolleyesold: