New House: United Scents of America

07th March, 2012

United Scents of America are a new house, whose aim is based on "evoking nostalgia for one's 'home state', the state you currently live in or a state that holds a special place in your heart." The company is starting by the rolling out of five fragrances based on: New York, Florida, New Jersey, Texas and California. All the fragrances are made in the USA.

New York contains top notes of apple, violet, ozone, melon, cortland apple, lime zest, cyclamen and rosewood; a heart of jasmine, basil and lily; and a base of peach and kiwi.

Florida opens with fresh ozone, florida orange & grapefruit, ocean breeze and key lime; the heart features jasmine, violet, rose and melon; it dries down to sandalwood, rosewood, white musk, peaches and orange flower oil.

New Jersey features notes of fresh buttered popcorn, cotton candy, caramel, coconut, vanilla extract, peach and patchouli.

The notes of Texas are ruby red orange, red cedar, white musk, cedar leaf and amber.

Lastly, California contains fresh cut coconut, eucalyptus and vanilla bean.

You can find out more on the their Facebook page.

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    • MonkeyBars | 7th March 2012 19:02

      Texas piques my interest. Thanks for the heads up Grant

    • Ivory88 | 7th March 2012 20:21

      Ditto on Texas. And normally I'd love the idea of smelling like Florida, but this might be a bit too femme for me.

    • Tonyprince | 12th March 2012 20:33

      They look ridiculous to me, and who associates limes, kiwis, and peaches with New York anyway? I might check later on and see if they've loaded Kentucky up with bourbon, horses, and tobacco. Judging from the selections so far, though, I seriously doubt that will be the case.

    • knit at nite | 13th March 2012 02:32

      Interesting concept & I'm sure I will sniff- but how did they arrive at these "home scents"? Florida and Texas sound plausible but as Tonyprince noted the notes for NewYork are mystifying. And numerous whereas California has only THREE?. I live in a Eucalyptus laden area but there are no coconuts growing here.

      Oh well, I am still curious to sniff.

    • Mimi Gardenia | 13th March 2012 04:15

      Knit- yeah - no coconuts here ! *LOL* For California , I was predicting jasmine and gardenia. ( Well I guess I would be ....... :D )

    • Amos Jolthead | 15th March 2012 17:56

      I think they're doing Kentucky with False teeth, backwoods flannel sweat, and big truck tire scent.

    • KarmaLee | 17th March 2012 15:17

      Au contraire--as a native Appalachian who claims home ground in Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, I beg to differ. Old hurtful stereotypes still exist, as they do for many cultures and ethnicities. I hope you visit sometimes and explore the rich culture, lovely tobacco and bourbon, the wildlife, the snippets of nearly Middle English you can hear in the accents, and other joys of the mountain places.

      It amazes me at times how easy it is to repeat ethnic slurs about mountain people that we would never dare utter about others.

      Though I must say, essence of moonshine might be divine. I might even wear it while running barefoot through a clover field to go sneak a kiss from a tall mountain man who I swear is NOT blood related.

      I am skeptical about this line, but curious. :wink:

    • ScentsationalScents | 24th March 2012 14:05

      I just bought NJ and CA and they are wonderful! Tonyprince, I don't know why you would even comment since you obviously don't know the procedure of making finished fragrance. Even though it may have fruit like kiwi and peaches, that all contributes to the finished scent they are trying to make. I smelled NY and it smells exactly like Central Park on a summer day. And the apple in it is to represent "The Big Apple".

      Check out their website: They are probably going to be making millions off this line!