Marian Bendeth nominated for Canadian Fragrance Award for Thierry Wasser interview

07th March, 2012

Marian Bendeth has been nominated for a Canadian Fragrance Award for her Thierry Wasser interview that featured on Basenotes last year. The Canadian Fragrance Editorial Award are split into two categories: Print and Broadcast/web. This year's nominations are as follows:

Magazine/Newspaper – Print

“Liquid Diet” – Sarah Daniel, Fashion Magazine

“I hate perfume…or do I?” – Kate Rae, Glow Magazine

“Capture the Flagship” – Sarah Daniel, Fashion Magazine

“Perfume Wordplay” – Derek McCormack, National Post

“The Strong Silent Type” – Lesa Hannah, Fashion Magazine


“The Shoe Fits – An interview with Thierry Wasser" – Marian Bendeth,

“Eau Baby: The best summer fragrances to suit any scent snob” – Liza Herz, Beauty Geeks

The winners will be announced at the seventh annual Canadian Fragrance Awards at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto on Thursday April 26, 2012.

Bendeth is also nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the same event. You can read a recent article, about the impact of the Internet on the perfume industry, at Perfume Magazine.

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    • Mimi Gardenia | 7th March 2012 17:40

      Wow ! Congratulations Marian and also to Basenotes !! :)

      Best of luck and I hope you win . :)

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 9th March 2012 02:54

      Quite likely the best perfumer interview I've ever read! :thumbup:

      It deserves to win *lots* of awards!

    • Sillage6 | 9th March 2012 15:45

      Thank you all for that great vote of confidence!

      We already feel so lucky as Mr. Wasser said "this story has been one of the milestones in my life" and honestly? that is such a great honour for us.

      Results are April 26th 2012! Will keep you posted and Thanks!!!!

      Marian and Grant

    • Sillage6 | 11th March 2012 01:05

      Probably one of the nicest comments ever Redneck! Thanks so very much!