Coty and Madonna unveil visuals for Truth or Dare scent, and announce pre-sale at Macy's

by Grant Osborne, 09th March, 2012

Truth or Dare the debut fragrance by Madonna and Coty is now available for pre-sale at Macy's. Coty have also announced the visuals for the fragrance which is due to launch in April.

As previously announced, Truth or Dare by Madonna is a floral fragrance, and was created by Givaudan perfumer Steven Nilsen. Gardenia, tuberose and neroli make up the head notes; while jasmine, benzoin tears and white lily petals feature in the heart. The dry down includes vanilla absolute, caramelized amber, sensual musk aura.

For those in the US wishing to order early from Macy's, the link is here.

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    • Francop | 9th March 2012 10:15

      Sounds very feminine indeed :-)

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 9th March 2012 11:47

      I think this will be tackarama. It will be interchangeable with any fragrance by Katie "I ooze cheapness" Price or someone even more obscure such as whatsername from Big Brother.

    • danny1967 | 9th March 2012 12:21

      or the one from 'jersey shore', or the one that's called kim kardashian or whatever, and so on, and so on , and so on, and so on, and so on... an endless list of celebrities (some a, some b, some z list) cashing in.. how much is her percentage?

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 9th March 2012 13:55

      Who actually IS Kim Kardashian? Is he/she a fictitious character like Marge Simpson? I'm going to google him/her and see if they've luanched a perfume yet.

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 9th March 2012 13:57

      OMG. "Kim Kardashian (model, actress) presented a perfume named after her in 2009 and it arrived in style in an extravagant flacon. Kim Kardashian is a fragrance constructed of luminous, sweet opening notes, intoxicating, floral middle notes and sensual, sexy aromas in the base. The opening includes refreshing notes of mandarin surrounded with floral-lemon honeysuckle and orange blossom, while the heart blooms with pink jasmine, tuberose, gardenia and spices. The base is created of warm, gentle Tonka, jacaranda wood, vanilla orchid, sexy musk and creamy sandalwood"

    • mnaonbn | 10th March 2012 02:00

      I hope that this piece of trash ice princess rots in hell. To use her own fake British-accented words, I "absolutely loath" her.

    • kalli | 10th March 2012 03:35

      ^that's a bit harsh and I am not a Madonna fan, lol..but ya, +1 on this being tackorama! The notes + Coty= something just as bad or worse than Beyonce Heat! Lol.

    • veillettecathy | 10th March 2012 04:21

      I would never buy a fragrance with a reality "stars"!!!?// aka attention seeking plain folk getting the TV viewers attention every week because we all seem to be a voyerism culture with little class or culture, but the ratings from these shows and the outragous amounts of money they attract for the dedicated viewers and then they get "appearance monies for showing up at bars!! The Byonce, Madonna,Britney,Mariah Careys,Liz Taylors perfumes were never interesting, nor would I care to smell them, What ever happened to the wonderful perfume house parfums as it was a art in the making of scents like Creed and like. We are bombarded by celebrities and reality want to be celebrities junk, it is sold but I will not buy it.

    • heperd | 10th March 2012 07:27

      about 22 years late with this one...........

    • DirtyPony | 10th March 2012 17:37

      lol @ the overly pedantic basenotes trolls getting ghetto over a celebrity fragrance. Somthing I will never understand! And you can begin correcting my grammar... now!

    • kalli | 10th March 2012 18:50

      I won't correct your grammar, LOL..heck, I don't even know what pedantic means! Haha! Really, I had to look it up, lol.

    • mnaonbn | 11th March 2012 05:15

      Aw, there, there. Don't say never...if you try hard enough, and want it bad enough, and you believe in yourself, then maybe, just maybe, you too will one day, perhaps in the distant future, be able to understand what you characterize as our pedanticism (but which I term passion, informedness, and analytics). Anyway, you're already showing great promise—you're using words like pedantic and trolls. I know you can do it. Goooooooo DirtyPony! Rah, rah, rah!

    • Sugandaraja | 11th March 2012 06:59

      My thoughts, too. Both in interest and expected quality.

    • michailG | 11th March 2012 19:21

      :-) ... well this one has certainly stirred up some feelings! All is said: truth-or-dare (ToD) is overdue and sounds soooo pleasing! But how could it be any different! It must be universally appealing to all these millions of female and male "Mad funs" around the world who will just go for it ... this one will sell millions regardless. Let’s see how many thumps-up or -down will ToD get! BUT surely only after we have tested it! Remember fair game!

    • Primrose | 11th March 2012 20:29

      This sounds like a generic celebuscent with tuberose, jasmine and vanilla, but one has to test it in the end to make a determination on its quality.

    • jujy54 | 12th March 2012 03:39

      If there is no civet, then there is no "dare"—and that's the truth:grin:

      Pedantic enough , DP? :wink:

    • danny1967 | 12th March 2012 08:27

      LOL!!!!! priceless!! (and not like the mastercard ad campaign).. mnaonbn - you've suddenly become my friend!!..

      dp (love the initials by the way) - everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, is entitled to their opinion (unless you live in a totalitarian state, which, the last time i checked, we, or at least i, don't).

    • rttoronto | 12th March 2012 16:59

      I heard this perfume is a true reflection of Madonna and that it smells like rancid a**hole.

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 14th March 2012 09:09

      Can I just pick up on the "British accent" comment? Just to lay this to rest once and for all. There is NO SUCH THING as a "British accent". If a non Brit were to meet five indigenous people from Fife (Scotland), Swansea (Wales), Liverpool (England), Newcastle-On-Tyne (England) and Aberdeen (Scotland), although all of these people would be British, not only would the listener be astonished at the vast differences in their accents and dialects, they would agree that to label the plethora of regional vernacular in Great Britain as one "British" accent is utterly ridiculous. You can get away with "an English accent", "a Welsh accent", "a Scottish accent", "a northern Irish accent", but although these may all be British, they are not even remotely alike.

    • mnaonbn | 14th March 2012 19:46

      Touché. I should have said English accent, or perhaps more accurately, English dialect. Britain is not just England. How could I forget, especially given my obsession with the great Scottish chef and English import, Gordon Ramsay! Serious, I can't get enough of the guy. In my fake English dialect, I say, "He's brilliant, just marvelous darling."

    • mnaonbn | 14th March 2012 22:17

      This is hi-freakin-larious...just awesome. Thanks, new friend. :smiley:

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 19th March 2012 16:14

      Gordon Ramsay is hilarious. He supports Scotland in rugby and football and very much considers himself a Scot, but he has one of the most gorgeous English accents ever. I love his mum. She is the most down to earth, no airs and graces wee Scottish mammy I have ever seen on TV. She is fab. I wonder what aftershave Gordon wears? My husband and I love watching his TV shows. He doesn't care. Love it.