An open letter to Basenotes visitors

by Grant Osborne, 17th June, 2006

Dear all,

You may have noticed parts of the site are no longer working as they should, or the community disappears for a number of days, and are wondering what the devil is going on? Hopefully this letter should explain why things are happening, what is being done and how long things will hopefully take.

We have almost reached six years of being on the internet, and what started as a small hobby site in my spare time has grown into something much bigger. Due to the growth of the site, we are going to have to make some changes to account for this growth, and while this is all going on there may be some disruptions.

Basenotes Community.

It took five years to reach 2,500 members and in just one year the membership has doubled in size to over 5,000. This is created increased demand on the server, which we upgraded late last year. The forum software we use currently is called YaBB - we have used this for about three years, but lately we have seen problems in it due to the increase in visitors. We will be moving shortly to a different type of forum software called vBulletin. We should be able to retain all memberships and post information, so nothing should be lost in translation.

Moving forum software doesn't just affect the forum though - Many parts of the site rely on the current forum software and will either have to be rewritten or changed to accomodate the new system.

The following features will be unavailable for a short period in the near future.

  • Posting of new reviews

  • Posting of Private Notes (Supporters)

  • Changes to wardrobe

  • Posting of feedback for Basenotes Market Place transactions

The move to the new forum will no doubt come with further problems, but I hope you can be patient while we are upgrading the system. Some of the current features may not be available on the new forum, but I hope to sort this out on an adhoc basis.

Other issues

The Directory is a bit behind. I've got lists of new fragrances to be added, and the backlog of review is getting bigger. Once the Community is back in action, I'll get started on this. My email inbox currently stands at 3,573 unread messages and while many are probably trying to sell me stuff I have no need for, I'm sure many of them must be genuine unread emails. If I haven't got back to you, then this is why.

A big thank you to all the moderators for helping me keep things going; a big thank you to the supporters who help keep things afloat; another big thank you to those members who chipped in to the costs of the new forum and a big thank you to everyone for their patience while things get ironed out.

Here's to the future!


Grant Osborne, editor.

PS: If you are a regular user of Basenotes and you can afford to, why not consider becoming a Supporting Member? Our supporter's help Basenotes' survival.

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