Chanel release new No. 5 film by Guido Mocafico

by Grant Osborne, 14th March, 2012

Chanel have released a new film promo for No. 5. The film, entitled "A drop of No. 5, and nothing else", was created by Guido Mocafico. The film shows a bottle of No. 5 Parfum being created from liquid. Mocafico is a Swiss-born artist of Italian descent and has previously worked with Chanel on a film promo for Chanel watches.


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    • Mimi Gardenia | 14th March 2012 21:07

      As a No.5 addict- I love this simple but beautiful advert ! :)

    • Primrose | 14th March 2012 22:48

      I think this refers to the comment made by Marilyn Monroe--and Chanel No. 5 sales took off.

      I love this, too, Mimi!

    • KarmaLee | 15th March 2012 03:10

      As an obsessed #5 lover, this feeds my soul. :grin:

    • d4N13L | 15th March 2012 14:57

      Perfect. They always use the Parfum concentration in the commercials?

    • fazilicious | 15th March 2012 23:03

      what a i am wearing chanel no. 5 edt for the first time ever in my life and here comes a supporting commercial :) i had smelled no. 5 from the bottle and found it old-fashioned but today i do see a beauty in version is from May that a good batch or spoilt one?

    • PerfumedLady | 17th March 2012 16:01

      Just beautiful. No fussy adornments needed, just how CC may well have done it herself!

    • le mouchoir de monsieur | 17th March 2012 21:11

      I'm not particularly impressed with this. Chanel has done some of the most beautiful film campaigns in the history of perfumery, as they are known to spare no expense. Though some are corny ("I love to dance!") Review the mesmerizing film made for "Egoiste" back in the day of its launch by Modiano, with all of the couture clad ladies, all visibly outraged and grown violet with rage furiously slamming the shutters open and shut of the Monaco Grand Hotel screaming in hysterics "Egoiste! Egoiste! Egoiste!" followed by a very noticeably hairy, muscular arm emerging from the middle window, held shut throughout the clip, emerging to pose a bottle of it nonchalantly on the scrolling wrought iron balcony railing. This film was shown at the time in all cinemas in France. Seeing it on the big screen, in the darkness of a cinema, while waiting for the feature to begin, was unforgettable, and thrilling. This, to me, is just a big nothing. It says nothing, it shows nothing, it's just.....nothing.