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Olfactoria Queen of Amber, Perfume Event in London 17th May 2012

by Lila Das Gupta, 19th March, 2012

It’s quite amazing that Olfactoria’s Travels, the popular perfume blog, has only been in existence for a year. In that short time, Birgit Oeckher, author of the blog, has gained a reputation as a trusted and much-admired reviewer. Somewhere along the way, Olfactoria also earned the soubriquet: ‘Queen of Amber, since she clearly adores this style of perfume. So what is ‘amber’ and why does it appeal so much? Birgit will be flying over from her native Vienna to spend an evening showing us some of the finest examples available in perfumery.

Perfume Lovers London meets at The New Cavendish Club, 44-48 Great Cumberland Place London W1H 7BS.

This event takes place on Thursday 17th May from 7pm. Membership is free. Tickets cost £10.

You can follow Olfactoria's Travels blog and on Twitter @olfactoria

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    • CanwllCorfe | 20th March 2012 14:38

      Completely unrelated to the event, but she is stunning. :o

    • Mimi Gardenia | 20th March 2012 14:58

      I love Olfactoria's blog and I wish I could attend .

    • Elf | 20th March 2012 19:33

      I used to go to London frequently, but now that I live across the Pond, I cannot attend. I'm so happy for Birgit, and I know she'll do amber proud (I'm also an amber fan). If you can go, please do so!