Fragrance in the News: Only Child, Coty's suitcase, Fragrant biofuel and Christian Courtin-Clarins

21st March, 2012

Fragrance in the News - Weds 21st March: Only Child film on Kickstarter has raised over 85% of its funding, François Coty's suitcase, Fragrance compound used in biofuels, and Clarins chairman receives French honour.

Only Child film on Kickstarter has raised over 85% of its funding - 8 days to go.

The Only Child film, which is part of Brian Pera's Woman's Picture Series has raised almost $20,000 of the required $23,000 funding on its Kickstarter page, with just over a week to go. As we previously reported, people that contribute have the opportunity to get some exclusive never-seen-before Andy Tauer fragrances created especially for the project.

Coty's Suitcase.

Octavian Coifan over at 1000 fragrances has a picture of François Coty's suitcase that he veiwed at public auction in Paris last Sunday.

Fragrant Biofuel

Bioscience Technology reports that a class of chemical compounds best known for use in flavour and fragrance may provide clean, renewable fuel for cars.

"Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have engineered Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria to generate significant quantities of methyl ketone compounds from glucose. In subsequent tests, these methyl ketones yielded high cetane numbers – a diesel fuel rating comparable to the octane number for gasoline – making them strong candidates for the production of advanced biofuels."

Christian Courtin-Clarins receives insignia of Knight of the Legion of Honour

Clarins says that "The Legion of Honour is the highest French national decoration and the highest order of merit conferred to any individual for their service to the nation in a civilian or military capacity. This French honorary distinction conferred by the French Ministry symbolizes a recognition by the nation of the most deserving individuals, in all fields, for all merits, talents and devotions."

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