Grooming Lounge announce own range of products

by Grant Osborne, 13th October, 2005

After three-plus years of testing within the walls of its Washington, D.C. location, Grooming Lounge, a previous sponsor of the Basenotes Awards, is introducing its own line of shaving solutions. Conceptualized, tested and approved by the company’s team of Master Barbers and Skin Care Experts, Grooming Lounge products offer no-hassle solutions to common men’s skincare and shaving problems.

“We perform thousands of shaves every year in our shop -- we live and breathe this stuff everyday and thought no company was more qualified to create quality shaving products,” said Co-Founder Mike Gilman. “Our clients, who include congressmen, senators and White House officials, all gave us great reviews of the shaving line. We figured if these high-profile decision-makers like our products, so might their constituents.”

Grooming Lounge Shaving Solutions are directly targeted at eliminating the discomfort and unsightly after-effects usually associated with shaving. Packed with gentle and soothing ingredients, the products were designed to help guys with even the most sensitive skin get a truly great shave. Most effective when used in tandem as a four-product system, the products can also be used independently to achieve great results.

Grooming Lounge Shaving Solutions include:

Pre-Shave Face Wash (Step #1): A gentle, everyday face wash that removes grit and grime while preparing guys for a great shave. $18

Beard Master Shave Oil (Step #2): A revolutionary shaving oil that provides superior razor glide while helping to eliminate razor burn and rashes. $21

Beard Destroyer Shave Cream (Step #3): A departure from traditional creams, Beard Destroyer is a rich, ultra-lubricating formula that enables a smooth shave everytime. $18

Happy Ending Soothing Aftershave (Step #4): Every shave should have a happy ending. That’s why we created this soothing post-shave balm designed to soothe and refresh. $21

“Most men have suffered through years of uncomfortable shaves,” said Co-Founder & Lead Barber, Pirooz Sarshar. “We’re intent on putting an end to this by providing products that every guy can easily understand and use. ”

Grooming Lounge Shaving Solutions are available through the company’s store and web site, By year’s end, the products will be sold through several of the country’s most-prominent upscale retailers.

The Grooming Lounge is headquartered in the heart of the nation’s capital. The store is the grooming resource for many of the country’s most powerful men, including congressmen, senators and members of the presidential cabinet. In early 2006 the company will also roll out a line of custom-made skin care products in addition to opening new stores in Northern Virginia and Miami.

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