Bel Epok launch perfume magazine : ODE | Esxence News

by Lila Das Gupta, 30th March, 2012

A new magazine about perfume called ‘ODE’ has been launched at the Exsense fair. Issue #1 is entitled ‘Scentual Perception’ and is published Bel Epok in Germany. The company specialises in brand development, advertising and communication and two partners from the company also run the perfume house Humiecki & Graef.

The magazine is an attempt to marry perceptions about perfume with visual images. Participants – who included art dealers, a dancer, a chef and pastry chef, models and musicians to were asked to name a perfume that moved them and come up with an image – existing or original, which summed up their feelings towards it. In another exercise the participants (many working in the field of visual arts) were given a perfume with no name and asked to come up with an image which they thought best suited to it. The result is an eclectic, and thought-provoking magazine which will no doubt stimulate readers to do the same and to ponder on the selection of others. There are two essays included in German, the rest of the text is in English, with an index at the back of all the perfumes listed.

The company says that ODE (a play on the words ‘Eau de’ and a reference to a lyrical poem or ode) is targeted at art, design and fragrance enthusiasts. “ODE askes the question: What associations does a favourite perfume awaken in people who themselves generate images of one sort or another and/or work with them on a daily basis? ”

The magazine is available in selected bookshops worldwide and through the magazine’s web-site The price is €29.

Some of the images of the magazine can be seen below. Click for a larger view.

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