Nothing from Nasomatto - but they'll be back! | Esxence News

by Grant Osborne, 31st March, 2012

Alessandro Gualtieri's Nasomatto were at Esxence, but unlike all the other stands, had no product on show, no staff to answer questions, and no samples to give away. They just had a golden pig-dog thing on a stand with a sign that said "I'll be Back!", surrounded by dead flowers. Pictures follow...

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    • surge | 31st March 2012 17:32

      Hmm...interesting...What is that large yellow bottle of?

    • RHM | 31st March 2012 17:34

      Very Strange.....

    • Mimi Gardenia | 31st March 2012 17:51

      That's really weird .....the truth is out there.....

    • JDBIII | 31st March 2012 19:44

      It looks like the pig-dog is taking a dump on the bottle of perfume. So rude but interesting.

    • Ursula | 31st March 2012 20:30

      This so weird. As if somebody had sabotaged the stall. Maybe they did it themselves - to shock. But why ?

      Usually the people who attend the Trade Show get some samples and spread the news ...

      What NEWS are to spread here ? That the brand is clumsy ??

      I can't figure it out.

    • Joshie25 | 31st March 2012 21:22

      They're not spreading news here, nor is the brand clumsy. This is a very intelligent way of building suspense and anticipation for the brand and any upcoming fragrances they have in store for us. Just think about it: because of this.....they made it to the front page of basenotes.

    • Lush | 31st March 2012 21:33

      Alessandro Gualtieri abandoned his house. The flowers are dead, and the dog has pooped on the floor.

    • Ursula | 31st March 2012 21:48

      The "suspense is killing me ..."

      Will the fragrances smell weird also ? I had a feeling that this is a build-up to shock. But, the Trade Show is over on Sunday night, so what is the marketing advantage ... ? People will leave for their planes and don't have the energy to absorb anything additional in the last minute.

      I believe that they are doing themselves a disservice ... but I could be wrong. Maybe IT IS a gimmick cleverly thought out.

    • Primrose | 31st March 2012 21:50

      Shows disrespect for potential customers.

      Epater le bourgeoisie? Artist attitude and all that rubbish? Goes along with not disclosing the notes for their scents.

      Sorry, not interested.

    • Dernier_Cri | 1st April 2012 04:58

      I can't criticize. I wish my Basenotes profile page looked this nice.

    • Ursula | 1st April 2012 13:59

      The impression that I get from this is that all the other Exhibitors/Houses/Vendors make the concerted effort to bring their creations to the public.

      What Nasomatto is saying is - we are soooo special that we DON'T HAVE TO BE HERE. Our dog is shitting on the display and we are ... (not caring) on YOU.

      Well, they have my interest, but no buying. If you want me as a customer, you will have to reach out to ME.

      Since the exhibit was permitted by the organizers, it can probably not be taken that seriously.

      But, the other HOUSES have my vote, my support, and this one has not. (Not that I matter in the least, I just say these words as a potential customer.)

    • Dernier_Cri | 1st April 2012 21:05

      Hi teardrop. Artwise I think the flowers actually are a good effect. The sign "I'll Be Back" is ok. The little statue of the "dog" seems kind of sophomoric. Whether this was a good public relations move is another matter. There is obviously some hostility over this. Me I say whatever. But then I wasn't someone who might have wanted to talk with them at the show.

    • laph | 5th April 2012 14:56

      Perhaps a comment on the validity/influence of trade shows on perfumery?

      In any case, get that poor dog a laxative!

    • otocione | 6th April 2012 18:05

      I can't help but quote you. I was there and I thought only "what a stupid guy, wasting money just to say he's cooler than other normal brands". He thinks he's God but he's just another idiot dandy with too much self-image.

    • Ursula | 6th April 2012 19:46

      A complete waste of their publicity budget. It must have cost them to rent the space and install the dog and the rest.

      The effect was certainly startling, but it does not "charm any birds off the trees" nor does it attract customers, at least not me.

    • otocione | 6th April 2012 20:03

      Of course it did. Esxence is very expensive, just think that Andy Tauer decided not to participate because of the cost, and surely he has a fair income with his business.

    • FumeHood | 7th April 2012 20:30

      This attempt at shock is as overrated as their scents. (And the cost of trying to be clever - probably as overpriced, as well.)