Clive Christian hold press launch in London for new V fragrances

04th April, 2012

Victoria Christian was in London yesterday to launch the two new Clive Christian fragrances (named after her): V for Men and V for Women, following a preview of the scents in Milan at Esxence.

V for Women is a white floral chypre with notes of peach, neroli and bergamot in the top; A heart of jasmine, carnation, ylang-ylang, rose, gardenia, orange blossom, pink pepper, black pepper, chamomile, lavender, liatris, heliotrope, coriander seed and cistus. The dry down contains honey, sandalwood, ambrette seed, benzoin, amber, cistus, oak moss, patchouli, leather, frankincense, labdanum and musk.

V for Men opens with elemi and citrus, which lead to a heart of pink, black and white peppers, nutmeg and iris; the dry down contains amber, cedarwood, amber wood, frankincense, vetiver, vanilla and oud.

V will launch in Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Internationally at the start of July. Available as 50ml 'Perfume Spray' for 230.

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    • Grant | 4th April 2012 22:07

      Yes, added. (I missed that useful bit -- I've asked about international rollout/prices to will update)

    • Partagas | 6th April 2012 05:26

      "Amber, cedarwood, amber wood, frankincense, vetiver, vanilla and oud", sounds very interesting but I am sure the price will quickly crush that interest for me.

    • MonkeyBars | 6th April 2012 18:44

      Wait, I thought Victoria was his daughter.

      I imagine legions of women in rubber Victoria Christian masks with the men's in one hand, women's in the other, releasing spray after spray as an audience claws its way out of the vicinity. Dogs collapse in allergic shock, car alarms go off, riot police in gas masks come in and are rebuffed by the cloud of noxious unisex destruction.

    • surge | 7th April 2012 15:34

      230 for 50ml.

      If you're in the good old US of A that's $365 USD.

      Wow...I honestly would not care if the fragrance was really the best in the world, I would not pay that much for 50ml. I realize though this stuff is marketed towards the crowd who has the money to which case I say hats off Mr. Christian :)

    • Primrose | 8th April 2012 00:04

      I know perfume should be judged by its merits, but I can do without the "fan" fare.