Roja Parfums Risqué foray into the world of burlesque

17th April, 2012

Last week Roja Dove unveiled his latest fragrance: Risqué, which was introduced to the world during a sizzling show by burlesque star Miss Polly Rae, during which the singer/dancer smouldered through two numbers before performing an infamous feather dance. The dark, intimate, underground den of Madam Jojo's in London's Soho, was chosen by the company for the launch of a fragrance which it describes as sultry and sensual.

Presented in the familiar Roja Parfums square bottle, the fragrance opens with bergamot, lemon and litsea cubeba - a south-east asian evergreen, with a sharp, citrus scent. Middle notes of chamomile, jasmine, rose and ylang ylang lead into a base of oakmoss, vetiver, cedarwood and patchouli.

Available as an eau de parfum in a 100ml bottle, retailing at £195 and a parfum in a 50ml bottle retailing at £295, Risqué is available from Harrods.

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    • MonkeyBars | 18th April 2012 19:13

      Sounds lovely. Litsea is an intense citronellal scent that would be a great foil for the florals in there. I assume it will be rather feminine, unless the heart is predominantly chamomile and the flowers are restrained.

    • Sybarite | 28th April 2012 01:36

      Going just by the listed notes alone I can't quite yet see the "risqué" of it (?) (Unless they're all laid over a massive unmentioned dirty musk or something (???))