New Fragrance: Harrods Jubilee by Bond No. 9

23rd April, 2012

Bond No.9 are launching their latest Harrods fragrance: Harrods Jubilee, to celebrate The Queens Diamond Jubilee. The fragrance contains notes of Lantana leaves, mace, rose, tuberose, orris, amber, musk and sandalwood.

The limited edition fragrance is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum for 290 from 15th May at Harrods.

Bond No.9 have recently also launches fragrances celebrating Earth Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Marriage Equality.

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    • Shaheen | 23rd April 2012 16:51

      Bond No. 9 churns out fragrances faster than any house I've ever seen. What are they up to now, 4 or 5 per month?? And at $300 a bottle?? And most of their fragrances are mediocre AT BEST??

      I have given up sampling their fragrances because I can't keep up with their releases and they always leave me underwhelmed.

      Bond has basically become a running gag.

    • surge | 23rd April 2012 19:48

      Erm...I guess I'm not the only one who is unable to keep up with all these Bond releases...this is getting a bit ridiculous imho.

    • Francop | 23rd April 2012 20:31

      I feel so Royal Today...Well done Bond...!!! XXX

    • FumeHood | 23rd April 2012 22:52

      Geez. And I thought the Marc Jacobs Dot get-up was ugly. But this bottle takes the cake... or scone.

    • AnthonyDG | 24th April 2012 08:02

      If it's on par with Harrods Oud it will be a masterpiece! I really look forward to trying Harrods Rose and this new Jubilee!

    • Beranium Chotato | 24th April 2012 15:06

      Bond No. 9 would put out a fragrance to commemorate the queen sneezing into her purse. Who cares already.

    • Daze | 26th April 2012 07:56

      The designer of that bottle needs a gentle but convincing kick in the balls... :undecided:

    • Birdboy48 | 1st May 2012 18:47

      According to the Directory, this makes 22 new Bond's since the beginning of 2010.

    • d4N13L | 1st May 2012 19:02

      I dont care for a huge number of launches in a short period of time, if they are good juices.

      MPG launched about 28 fragrances at the same year (1988) and almost all of them are fantastic at least.

      But Bond n9 will launch 10 ridiculous frangrances for just 1 good in that period of time.

    • SculptureOfSoul | 2nd May 2012 00:34

      This is true, but it almost seems like a 10 to 1, maybe 5 to 1, ratio of misses to hits with any house, so maybe we should just be thankful for the 1 or 2 big hits that will come out of those 22 launches.

      Scents like Harrods Oud and Washington Square basically force me to check out every new Bond as those are both top 15 scents for me, with Washington Square being a top 5 scent.

    • gatorNY | 6th May 2012 22:12

      I think that the design on the bottle is the actual Harrods artwork for the jubilee. At least Bond is creating a new fragrance for this as opposed to Clive who is just using an existing fragrance and bumping up the concentration of certain notes. I'd love to try it. Also, this price point is unique to this scent.

    • Mermaidjen | 2nd June 2012 23:18

      I would love this fragrance, but bond made it impossible for those in the US to get it :(