Dawn Spencer Hurwitz collaborates with Denver Art Museum for YSL Retrospective Collection

04th May, 2012

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has created a line of fragrances to accompany the only North American Showing of the Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. This is the fifth occasion that DSH has created a fragrance collection for the museum.

The YSL Retrospective collection not only chronicles YSL's long and wildlycreative career from his years at Dior to his finale in 2002 but takes inspiration from specificallychosen garment pieces in the show that perfectly illustrate the artistic collaboration betweenfashion, culture and perfume.

“Can you imagine my excitement when invited to create for theYSL show in Denver? It was for me as if I were given the opportunity to design for the greatman himself” says DSH. ”I took on the project as if I had just been appointed the "in houseperfumer'; a fantasy, I know, yet I feel that it brought out an even deeper understanding ofYSL’s work and that of translating his aesthetic into perfume. I think that it really shows in thefragrances.”

The six perfumes in the line are:

  • “Ligne Trapeze”, a cool and sophisticated violet-aldehydic perfume with a warm,animalic drydown

  • “The Beat Look”, referencing the Americanization of French cultureduring the late ‘50’s and taking inspiration from YSL’s first perfume launch “Y”. The Beat Lookis an aldehydic-fruity-floral-chypre

  • “Le Smoking”, speaks to the start of an ongoing theme inYSL’s work (the women’s tuxedo) and the women’s liberation movement of the 1970’s. Ofcourse, Le Smoking is a green-chypre-tabac fragrance with incense and hints of marijuanacigarette.

  • “Euphorisme d’Opium” which takes many of it’s cues from the nowdiscontinued original design of YSL’s landmark fragrance “Opium”, a spicy-narcotic-orientalperfume

  • “La Vie en Rose”, a sparkling rose-violet perfume modeledon YSL’s 1983 launch of “Paris” perfume and his unmistakable “Paris Bow” gown.,

  • “MaPlus Belle Histoire d’Amour” - a floral-floral, linden blossom and wisteria creation befitting the icon that YSL became. It was inspired by a radiant floral silk evening coat found in theretrospective show.

“With this collection I not only wished to express a sense of YSL's career history but a sense ofthe interplay between fashion and perfume history within the perfume designs themselves.”says DSH. “I hope that by experiencing the collection as a whole it will tell the story of thisman’s creative life through the senses.”

The YSL Retrospective Collection’s offerings are: a miniature coffret of all six fragrances (5mlbottles in EdP) ; retail price $90; each scent in a pure Parfum-Extract, 5ml miniature flask; retailprice $45 and sampler set with a 1 ml vial of each fragrance in EdP; retail price $45.

All are available at the Denver Art Museum Shop, the Essence Studio in Boulder and worldwideat www.DSHPerfumes.com.

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