Brad Pitt new face for Chanel No. 5

09th May, 2012

Chanel have announced Brad Pitt as the new face for Chanel No. 5. No further details from Chanel, but other reports say that filming begins in London this week. Pitt is the first male face for the fragrance, but joins other previous celebrity faces for the iconic perfume such as Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou and Marilyn Monroe.

See below for a selection of Chanel No 5 ads from the past:

by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport

by Baz Luhrmann, feat. Nicole Kidman

Featuring Estella Warren.

Featuring Carole Bouquet. Directed by Ridley Scott.

Brad Pitt Image: © CHANEL 2012 - Greg Williams

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    • NYperfumegirl | 9th May 2012 22:36

      So strange! I don't even think he's that hot anymore.

    • PerfumedLady | 9th May 2012 23:30

      Lol, I saw the title of this article and clicked on it thinking it must be some sort of joke! What an odd choice. Guess we shall see how that turns out!

    • Ursula | 9th May 2012 23:35

      Big mistake. He was cute in "Thelma and Louise" ... could have worn LONE STAR MEMORIES (well, that was not invented yet ...)

      So crass !!


      Click on to the link and you shall see his ugly mug.

    • heavenscent1 | 10th May 2012 05:37

      What, they couldn't get Angelina?! I'm thinking he'd do better as spokesperson for a male fragrance, something shaggy, but sexy, like him. Preferred Stock maybe.

    • Primrose | 10th May 2012 06:46

      The Estella Warren film is using the soundtrack from Edward Scissorhands.

      Interesting how they would choose a male spokesmodel for a women's scent. A new angle on advertising.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 10th May 2012 06:56

      Something is afoot. Not sure what, but it should at least be interesting.....

    • Pour_Monsieur | 10th May 2012 09:53

      Other than having a big name endorsement just for the sake of it , this makes no sense at all

    • gandhajala | 10th May 2012 10:21

      This must be for the soon-to-be-released No.5 Sport Pour Homme.

    • tott | 10th May 2012 12:15

      I guess Brad will be the love interest or something of a woman wearing No 5...

    • GelbeDomino | 10th May 2012 15:19

      If they were going to choose a man, he might well have been someone French.

      Brad couldn't be less evocative of No.5 to me (so was Ms. Kidman)

      Shame on Chanel!

    • Sniffmonkey | 10th May 2012 19:45

      Hm, I agree with most of the posters so far. What are they thinking?! "He was cute in "Thelma and Louise" ... but.... meh. And NOT what I think of when I think of Chanel. A bit crass and desperate... But I maybe I'll be proved wrong.

    • chorando | 10th May 2012 22:23

      Why not choose someone like Gaspard Ulliel. Much younger than brad and coming into his adulthood very nicely thank you very much in that beautiful smouldering gallic way. Or if they wanted someone in his mid - forties Olivier Martinez would had fitted the bill. They both have a certain mystiquery about them and sexual allure, charismatic! Brad Pitt is well....Brad Pitt and I personally never got the appeal. Great Actor of course but here were talking perfume and french to boot!!

    • Leesee | 13th May 2012 22:53

      I can't see the logic. He always looks unwashed to me, not exactly Chanel material.

    • noirdrakkar | 14th May 2012 03:16

      i don't think they should have used a man who is well known.

      there are plenty of men just as attractive as brad pitt that they could have used. yes, proportionately rare, but still a dime a dozen.

    • Primrose | 17th May 2012 18:10

      Agree with this. He has a "grunge" quality.

      When I think of Chanel, I think of the colours of black and white, like a man in a tuxedo--like Tom Ford.

      Wait a minute, he has his own fragrance line! (Seriously, I think a Tom Ford-esque model would be perfect.)

    • Leesee | 20th May 2012 19:51

      I agree -- a Tom Ford-esque model makes much more sense to me.

    • Adonna | 24th May 2012 06:43

      Have we 'nothing' to look forward to?

      Glamour feels dead.

      No offense to Mr. Pitt but..... really, Chanel is that what we deserve?

      It seems if we've stuck with Chanel #5 thru the 'old lady' comments and reformulations and etc. We deserve better.

    • deletedmember | 24th May 2012 07:36

      Yeah!!!!!! We deserve Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima or Gisele Bündchen. C'mon Chanel.