Ormonde Jayne Expands to Dubai

by Lila Das Gupta, 23rd May, 2012

The British perfume line Ormonde Jayne has expanded to Dubai. The full range of fragrances is now available at the luxury goods department store Harvey Nichols.

Ormonde Jayne has so far only been available at eight 'doors' world-wide, as well as their on-line store. Founder and perfumer Linda Pilkington (who is a self-taught nose) says she has been careful to control growth and quality at every step. The company specialises in using specialty oils not widely used in the perfume industry today.

In a statement, the perfumer said: “My goal is to combine elements which I consider define true elegance: the quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French Perfumery and the natural harmony of the Orient.”

Large scented candles and essential bathing oils in the women’s fragrances are hand blended and poured in Ormonde Jayne’s London studio. The company is expected to expand it's range in the near future, which will include a new fragrance line and additional body care. Current body lotions and shower creams are said to be 'rich in natural extracts of orchid, camellia seed, water lily combined with Vitamin E and shea butter.'

Current perfumes in the line, which will be available in Dubai are:

Champaca, Ta’if, Frangipani, Isfarkand, Osmanthus, Orris Noir, Ormonde Woman, Tolu, Ormonde Man and Zizan.

Basenotes will be running an interview with perfumer Linda Pilkington shortly.

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    • hedonist222 | 24th May 2012 09:13

      Ormonde Jayne is available at Boutique 1 in the UAE.

    • Taleb | 10th June 2012 15:45

      Still no sign yet of the perfume line at Nichols....as of today that is.

    • Tamasin | 12th June 2012 13:06

      My husband just bought me a bottle of Osmanthus Pure Parfum last Wednesday from Harvey Nichols Dubai! ANd I was there the day after it launched and all the pretty Ormonde Jayne bottles are definitely there (i did briefly think it was a mirage as i usually have to wait until summer to get to Mayfair!)

    • Tamasin | 12th June 2012 13:07

      Don't think so...it's Harvey Nicks

    • Taleb | 16th June 2012 16:02

      Hey there,

      Good for you!! I am sure those salesmen were not up to even confirming the availability of products, upon asking that is. As for boutique 1, yes they do have at least the pure parfum products of the original line. I checked on the same day of my visit to Emirates mall.