Justin Bieber to unveil Girlfriend

06th June, 2012

Justin Bieber has announced his second fragrance called Girlfriend, which is the follow up to last year's Some Day. The fragrance is set to arrive at Macy's from 18th June, and other retailers are to follow.

Bieber announced the following to his (nearly) 23 Million Twitter followers:

To promote the fragrance Bieber is asking his fans to cover a version of his song 'Boyfriend', but using the word 'Girlfriend'. The winner will get to meet the Bieber himself.

More info at the official website here.

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    • rollzst | 6th June 2012 23:10

      This is one to avoid then, I wish celebrity fragrances would go away, so tacky!

    • Lush | 8th June 2012 13:51

      Something that smells like cotton candy and lasts fifteen minutes. Meant for teenie-boppers, not your average Basenoter. The young girls will love it, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    • Sybarite | 10th June 2012 19:50

      How utterly depressing to know that this rubbish will probably sell in the millions ! :(

      (Appropriate 'slinky' packaging tho' ...)

    • Francop | 11th June 2012 15:27

      Come on Kid, get back into your nappies...

    • fragrance-hunter | 22nd June 2012 09:13

      His first fragrance was terrible, especially the tacky rip-off bottle of Marc Jacobs Lola. I honestly believe the only reason why he ever sold a perfume is because his name is on it and suffice to say this is what will happen with the next fragrance. At least the bottle is a bit more original but still brings to mind the Beyonce Pulse. Same inner bottle. Wish he could do better..