New from MDCI: Chypre Palatin

11th June, 2012

Available now is Chypre Palatin, the latest fragrance from MDCI. The fragrance was created by Bertrand Duchaufour and contains notes of Green clementine, hyacinth, lavender, rose, jasmine, iris, benzoin, styrax, vanilla, castoreum, costus and leather accord.

The fragrance is described by MDCI as "complex and rich, a velvet-like fragrance, a sort of gold-embroyed, fur-lined brocade, somptuous and wild..."

They say the fragrance is "utterly masculine, but could also be one of the most sensuous, voluptuous feminine fragrances".

Chypre Palatin is available now from Lucky Scent (exclusive in the US) for $250 (standard 60ml) / $375 (bust edition 60ml). In Europe the fragrance is available at Jovoy from €215.

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    • furrypine | 11th June 2012 21:52

      But...isn't the name Chypre Palatin, with a T not D?

      I can't see that name without thinking of Senator Palpatine from Star Wars!

    • Grant | 12th June 2012 16:22

      Yes you're right. For some reason, in my head I kept reading it with a 'd'! I've changed now/