Yves Saint Laurent to become 'Saint Laurent' under Hedi Slimane

21st June, 2012

Fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent is to change its name to Saint Laurent Paris, according to various reports, including WWD. Hedi Slimane, who was appointed fashion director of the house earlier this year, was given "total creative responsibility for the brand image and all its collections".

It is understood that the YSL logo will not disappear entirely, but further details of the re-brand, and whether they effect fragrances, have not yet been released.

Slimane previously worked for the company in the nineties. as ready-to-wear director of mens collections and artistic director. Slimane is perhaps best well known for his stint as creative director of Dior Homme from 2000 until 2007, where as well as fashion, he oversaw the launches of fragrances including Dior Homme, and the cologne trio of Eau Noire, Bois D'Argent and Cologne Blanche.

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    • L'Aventurier | 21st June 2012 12:28

      I couldn't care less about the name change, but I think putting Slimane in charge is the best thing they could have done. He did wonders with the Dior Homme collections, ads and fragrances. Can't wait to see what materializes out of this.

    • fragranceman88 | 21st June 2012 12:33

      What a pointless thing to do! They are taking away part of a major icon in fashion

    • Mimi Gardenia | 21st June 2012 15:06

      That is just wrong .

      I see they are taking a leaf out of Christian Dior's books by dropping the Yves as Dior did with the 'Christian' .

    • Calyx93 | 21st June 2012 15:37

      Very disappointed - but not surprising after L'Oreal butchered the entire line of fragrances. Just another swing of the axe on that once glorious tree.

    • Mimi Gardenia | 21st June 2012 15:46

      How many acts of affront can they make against the memory of their founder / creator ? First Opium and now his name. It makes me have even more respect for Chanel where they do not forget Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel but celebrate her instead .

    • surge | 21st June 2012 16:55

      Hedi Slimane is a genius -- I really don't care about the name, YSL could use a fresh start.

    • Akahina | 21st June 2012 17:03

      Stupid. Like changing "Betty Crocker" to "Crocker". Dumb move.

    • benzganesh | 21st June 2012 17:58

      and like changing new york to york - ends up in entirely a different demographic altogether - what a mockery.

    • whitechandoo | 21st June 2012 19:42

      so all the bottles will be renamed with Saint Laurent and not YSL?

    • ryuuoo | 21st June 2012 20:31

      I really like Heidi Slimane and the work he has done, he is new, fresh and for sure will bring something different.

      On the other hand - Yves Saint Laurent or YSL is such a respected brand name as such and changing it could affect the way people view it. Taking into account many people dont speak French and wont know that "Yves" is just the name and "Saint Laurent" the surname. And when you present the "Saint Laurent Paris"... well it just doesnt remind you of the global iconic brand that it is...

      But oh well, lets see what this young talent has to offer... and if it all goes wrong... that will serve the owners good for launching such horrible YSL fragrances lately :P:P

    • rubegon | 21st June 2012 21:05

      I suppose so. Fahrenheit bottles just say "Dior" now, but they still use the CD logo. I would guess that they will do the same - change the name but keep the logo.

    • joshmpdx | 21st June 2012 21:37

      Hedi Slimane can do whatever he wants. I'd trust him fully.

    • CUMTHRU$T0MPN! | 22nd June 2012 03:02

      I know right? Disrespecting The man who started it all:undecided::undecided::undecided:

    • Scentologist | 22nd June 2012 06:13

      The house needs to revamp a little but, I'm not fond of the name change too much even though it is progressive.

    • Pour_Monsieur | 22nd June 2012 09:07

      Hedi really isn't that much of a revolutionary , putting shoulder darts in a leather jacket that would only fit a 15 year old boy or someone with manorexia and charging 4.5 grand for it ...

    • Mimi Gardenia | 22nd June 2012 16:19


      It's the reason ,reportedly ,that Karl Lagerfeld lost weight- to fit into those skinny clothes by Slimane.

    • D.Sprad | 22nd June 2012 17:00

      "Mr. Slimane, our fashion house is struggling! What should we do?"

      "Does the house have multiple words in its name?"

      "Yes, it does!"

      "Drop the first word, and we'll restore this company to profitability in no time!"

      I personally think it's idiotic, but if it works, can't argue with results.

    • Kiliwia | 23rd June 2012 16:24

      Absolutely pointless!! There are many things they could do to reenergize Yves Saint Laurent, changing the name is not one of them.

    • jacona | 27th June 2012 16:58

      Yves Saint Laurent is iconic, the change seems so pointless.

    • Tonyprince | 27th June 2012 21:06

      Changing the name from "Christian Dior" to "Dior" was a good idea, but people were already using just the word "Dior" before they officially changed the name. That's not the case with Yves Saint Laurent. People always say the whole name, probably because it sounds classy and rolls off the tongue nicely. "Saint Laurent" by itself just doesn't do it. Big mistake.

    • M.T. | 27th June 2012 22:09

      As previously reported, the Yves Saint Laurent name will continue to be used for "institutional" purposes, while the iconic YSL logo will remain in its original form.

      Going back to it's roots...


    • kalli | 27th June 2012 23:16

      MMmm, maybe cause people are lazy these days and don't want to say more than a couple syllables and they are just adjusting to the times? Lol.

    • spcmiller | 28th June 2012 03:55

      Difficult to continue the designer's legacy when his first name is no longer suitable for marketing purposes. Like no one could see this was going to happen after L'Oreal bought them.

    • timaru | 28th June 2012 13:11

      Must be a good idea, since the acronym SL is free in the upper class fragrance market...

    • sin_is_in | 28th June 2012 22:24

      I guess the perfumes and accessory lines etc. will not be affected by this, the logo is cult and will probably be used anyways. However, the fashion lines haven't sold well lately which imo had nothing to do with the quality of the design, they were just not really meeting the "zeitgeist" and chanel and dior etc. are of course huge competitors. YSL didn't manage to get enough attention. So, for the fashion line it makes sense to take "Yves" out of the name in order to detach the sort of retro personal identity from the brand some more and of course just Slimane himself will attract many younger costumers. My problem is that I just didn't really like what he did with Dior in the first place and don't think he is the design god everyone writes him up to be. But of course being a good designer also means being commercially successful and he certainly knows how to please the masses. I am far more interested in Raf Simons for Dior!

    • travisballeza | 1st July 2012 04:58

      Horrible! Poor Yves! He's probably crying from his grave!

    • Marathon Alchemist | 1st July 2012 08:50

      Thats not nearly as bad as his "California Song" exhibit. What a fuckup.

    • AnthonyDG | 1st July 2012 09:47

      I'm not a fan of this change... though when Donatella Versace dropped "Gianni" from all Gianni Versace labels, I felt it was very appropriate seeing how Donatella pretty much took a vibrant, amazing label and turned it into straight-up trash.

      Many times people abbreviate labels, like Dior or whatnot, but YSL? It just seems strange YSL products will now be "St. Laurent"... from YSL to SL... odd, to me, but Slimane will likely revitalize the image of this struggling house.

    • noirdrakkar | 3rd July 2012 07:52

      okay, i'm the only one who supports this change, but i think the less syllables, the better.