Bond No.9 to launch Harrods Oud Patchouli, Harrods refurbish 'Black Hall'

25th June, 2012

Bond No. 9 are to launch the latest in their Harrods fragrances: Harrods Oud Patchouli. The launch coincides with the multi-million pound refurbishment of Harrod's perfumery. As well as Oud and Patchouli the fragrance contains notes of Davana, Saffron, Myrrh, Amber, Musk, Leather and Sandalwood.

According to Bond No.9 the new fragrance "has been built with a serious amount of sillage, meaning it readily diffuses, leaving a lasting, beguiling trail in its wake.". Oud Patchouli is contained in a cobalt-blue version of Bond's signature star bottle, with a patterning of Harrods’ 'H' logo in gold.

Harrods Oud Patchouli will be sold exclusively at Harrods in London, at Bond No. 9’s five New York stores, and at and

Harrods have also undergone a refurbishment of their 'Black Hall' perfumery, the recent renovationof The Perfumery Hall has fully restored and enhanced the beauty of the original Art Deco surroundings.

Thirty years after its construction, all of the existing counters have been completely replaced with new spotlit tanks and the back wallsare now lined in bevelled mirror. The original Lalique glass panels have been specially lit, the black marble polished, and today the hall iscrowned with a huge, glittering 2.5 metre chandelier, designed by Louise Kennedy.

In addition, and echoing the look and feel of the adjacent Cosmetics Hall, bespoke new tester units have been designed and commissionedespecially for the new Perfumery Hall. The new tester units ensure uniformity and consistency; each brand’stester bottles will sit on a specifically designed unit, with new and exclusive pieces showcased by beautiful display cloches and mini plasmascreens, which will explain each perfume’s story and provenance.

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    • Francop | 25th June 2012 15:42

      Amazing !!! Can`t wait to try it out !!! XXX

    • MonkeyBars | 25th June 2012 22:26

      Art Deco, smart choice.

      As for the frag, it all depends on that leather accord.

    • SculptureOfSoul | 26th June 2012 05:42

      I'm hoping the davana is more grape-y and wine-like than raisiny. That is going to be the make or break aspect of this fragrance for me. A grape-like davana + patchouli + myrrh and oud would make for a killer combination. Something kind of like Jubilation 25 (women's) by Amouage, minus the chypre aspects.

      Love the bottle, too.

    • Francop | 30th June 2012 07:54

      Hi Guys,

      The scent is available at Harrods counters from today; bet the bottle will look good...