Slumberhouse launch Pear+Olive and discontinue Flou.

27th June, 2012

Portland, Oregan-based nicher perfumery Slumberhouse have announced that their fragrance Flou is to be discontinued. The reason they give on their Twitter page is that "Givaudan has ceased production on quite a few of the raw materials it used". However, the company has recently launched Pear+Olive, which is a limited edition fragrance in a hand etched bottle.

Pear+Olive's notes include pear, cognac, chamomile, aglaia, olive, zdravets (Geranium oil from Bulgaria), massoia bark and calamus.

The perfumer said on the Slumberhouse blog that "This was my first experience truly immersing myself into a perfume project, keeping fragments of pear meat and shaved pear skin along with glass tinctures of olive. I spent these days almost exclusively outside (many nights too), forgetting the familiar and absorbing the simplicity of what life really is - with good friends, ukeleles and a garden with multiple fountains."

The last remaining bottles of Flou are currently at Parfum1 (nine bottles left when we published this), and you can also pick up Pear+Olive from there too, as well as on the Slumberhouse shop.

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    • kalli | 27th June 2012 23:02

      I want that bottle:D. Very nice!

    • MonkeyBars | 28th June 2012 20:35

      aglaia aka chinese perfume tree is such a rare ingredient. matched up with the rest of these accords, it should prove a fascinating composition

    • Akahina | 11th July 2012 01:26

      Holy cow! I sampled this today and I have never smelled anything like this. Yes, I do get an olive note which sounds weird, but it seems to crate an oily creaminess which blends with a sweetness like I have never experienced before. Somewhat bizarre and "airy" and light yet with a solid base that keeps coming back in wafts. Like all I have sampled from Slumberhouse, a unique scent, less heavy than many of their others. I may just have to get a bottle of this one. Nothing like it out there.

    • knit at nite | 11th July 2012 02:24

      Oh yeah-Pear & Olive is extremely wearable art. The perfumer was in a happy place for this one. I bought the .5 oz blind and reviewed this over the weekend and gave a big thumbs UP.

    • kalli | 11th July 2012 02:56

      Well, I had to order a sample now:). Looking forward to trying this one.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Oh wow, this is a good one. Thumbs up. The pear is so juicy and delish, best pear I have sniffed. When I opened the package it was in, I noticed a very nice, almost tropical & creamy, semi-coconutty aroma and I was like whoa, is that from sample??! It's juicy, soft, dewy, a little oily, creamy, smooth and sweet, very nice! The opening is super yum! It's the feeling like I just sliced a very ripened juicy pear. Then I get a creamy, oily, concentrated olive and sweet herbal notes. Thanks guys for talking me into getting this sample. I wish that initial, juicy pear note would last for hours!

      Edit: The creamy dry down doesn't do it for me, that would be my only thing I don't like about it, just cause I don't care for certain, somewhat lingering, sweet creaminess in my fumes, so just personal taste there. I like a little cream but usually not a cream that sticks around for a while. It's not something my nose likes. Actually, the dry down kind of reminds me of Burberry Brit Holiday Edition, whatever that was? It was a limited edition. Or a Burberry Brit EDT, one of those, pretty sure. So, I really don't like that aspect, but I do love the pear, the herbal and the olive..:).

    • rynegne | 30th July 2012 05:51

      Where is this available for sale I've checked the Slumberhouse website and found nothing regarding the sale of this frag :(


      Never mind, I was able to secure the last 0.5oz on Amazon via Perfume1. I hope this is a good blind buy :-/ It's pretty expensive on a per oz basis.

    • pkiler | 7th February 2013 04:48

      I could do with a lot less sweet in the drydown...