Frederic Malle launches Carnal Flower hair mist

02nd July, 2012

"Haven't you ever dreamt of sharing the scent of Carnal Flower by simply waving your hair?" ask Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle who have launched a hair mist of the fragrance. They continue, saying it is "Lighter than the perfume itself, the new Carnal Flower hair mist allows you to use the torrid scent in a lighter fashion."

The fragrance was originally launched in 2005, and was created by perfumer Dominique Ropion. Its notes include tuberose, coconut and musk.

The Hair Mist is only available in the US "due to strict European norms". It costs $160 for 100ml.

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    • Fleurine | 3rd July 2012 20:21

      Did someone say HAIR MIST ??? :2vrolijk_08:

    • ajolie7 | 3rd July 2012 23:32

      Nice! There's something special about the smell of a great perfume in clean hair. Mmm...

    • Persolaise | 4th July 2012 06:43

      I want to know more about these "European norms"!

    • michailG | 4th July 2012 10:57

      What does it take, dare I ask, for a fragrance to be allowed in US but not in EU because of "norms"? Does "norms" stand for laws & regulations? I don't want to jump into conclusions, and I am sure this FM creation will be a hit too, but it does sound a bit strange even to an amateur like me.

    • sin_is_in | 4th July 2012 21:38

      No hair mists for 160$ says the EU!:rolleyesold:

    • pookerella | 5th July 2012 03:28

      Can't you just add a drop of Carnal Flower perfume to some water and spritz your hair? I mean, $160? Really? Jeez ....

    • Grant | 5th July 2012 22:23

      Me too -- I just lifted the quote from their Facebook page, seemed an odd way of putting it...

    • Princess Crabcake | 7th July 2012 02:34

      Me too. It's a flipped script: usually it's the US not allowing fab Euro beauty products, plus medicines and unpasteurized cheeses....sigh. -- An American

    • FumeHood | 8th July 2012 11:54

      Yeah. gotta agree with some sentiments above. Paying for a dilution of a scent, even if engineered to be better for the hair seems like... uh... a real waste of cash? (I have been adding one spray to the hair when I go out for 10 years... it really is a great way to boost the scent trail. And Im not losing the stuff because of it.) Maybe its because Im a guy that I care far less about a little alcohol and split ends in my tussled tresses. :thumbsup:

    • chapter10 | 11th July 2012 21:48

      What a pointless product...I know people say "But perfume will dry your hair out because of the alcohol" but come on...$160...Just as well I'm bald.