Ayala Moriel to run perfumery workshop next weekend in San Francisco, and launches Etrog Oy de Cologne

30th June, 2012

Next weekend in San Francisco is a big one for perfumer lovers. Not only does it see the first Annual Artisan Fragrance Salon event on Sunday 8th, but the day before indie-perfumer Ayala Moriel will be holding a perfume making workshop. Moriel says "If you'd like to dip your toes in the deep water of the art of perfumery, there is no better way to do it!"

The workshop is being held on Saturday, July 7th,4-6:30pm at Alex Sandor's Art Studio, 1650 Bush Street (Between Franklin & Gough), San Francisco, CA.

[INDENT=2]Join us in an afternoon of creativity and perfume making, learn how to sniff, and how to construct a perfume with a classic structure (top, heart, base). This can be a stand alone class, or a teaser to further your studies with Ayala Moriel (she has a full professional natural perfumery training course that spans over 2-4 years and some of her students have began their own natural perfume lines). Ayala's classes are usually held at her Vancouver studio, so this is a great opportunity to get to know her teaching style closer to where you live.

Regular price is $300, but we're offering this class for $150 just to cover the raw material and supplies costs. This will include a beautiful splash/spray bottle that you will be taking home with you, with your own perfume name on it!

To RSVP - call Ayala at (778) 863-0806, or book online here.

Space is limited to 10 people, and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Ayala Moriel have also recently launched a new fragrance entitled Etrog Oy de Cologne, which is described by Moriel as "a modern twist on a timeless classic: citron zest is paired with pomelo peel to accentuate its subtle floral-citrus aroma, alongside green myrtle and Japanese mint to balance its fruity sweetness. Balsam poplar buds created a honeyed, pulp-like texture alongside Australian lemon myrtle and citron leaves. Ancient olive and incense resins make a lasting impression."

Etrog is available now.


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