New company to create Capcom fragrances

13th July, 2012

A new company, Epic-Scents have signed a deal with Video game company, Capcom, to create unspecified fragrance products for currently unspecified Capcom characters. Capcom, founded 25 years ago, have created games such as Ghosts & Goblins, Megaman, Streetfighter and Resident Evil.

Epic-Scents say:

[INDENT=2]While the exact details of this project remain closely guarded, this exciting new product line will complement and add a new dimension to the selected franchise's characters. Each product designed by Epic-Scents includes a specially formulated fragrance that can be used in the development of personal care, household, and promotional products, as well as other fine fragrance. Expected launch date is Fall 2012, according to Jim Kavanaugh, Project Director.

Currently, Epic-Scents appear to create mainly air fresheners for cars, but we're secretly hoping for a Streetfighter Eau de Parfum in a Blanka shaped bottle.

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    • PureBoy | 13th July 2012 14:52

      just because the (masterpieces) celebrities fragrances will never be enough!