New UK company, Olfactik, set up to supply the independent perfumer

16th July, 2012

Ever wanted to make your own fragrance-line, but baulk at the minimum quantities of oil required by the large flavour and fragrance houses? Well a new UK company named Olfactik may have the answer. Co-founder, Russell Newell says "Establishing Olfactik is partly born from my experience operating as an independent perfumer. We have brought together skills and expertise from the creative, manufacture and supply sides to respond to, and nurture, the needs of this small but growing independent sector."

Newell, a perfumer who also founded the Social Creatures fragrance house, adds:


"The fragrance industry has changed so much over the last 10 years or so. First came the rise of the celebrity fragrances, some are excellent, many others unfortunately are rather too forgetable. This seems to have spurred a whole new generation of creative, independent perfumers - and more daring consumers - into either creating, or seeking out, more individual scents. The internet has massively accelerated this process, bringing together people and knowledge in a way hitherto unheard of. As a result a new movement has been born, a kind of perfume counter-culture.

Olfactik's mission is to help and support this growing band of independents. There are a few standout names already. Top of my list is probably Andy Tauer of TAUER PERFUMES. He is a brilliant and creative perfumer hailing from the Swiss mountains. He has proved that an 'indie' really can make a difference and challenge what the mainstream has to offer. He has had fantastic success but still very close to his art, even right down to packing and shipping orders. Companies sucha s LUCKY SCENT have also been instrumental in bringing niche perfume to a wider audience"

The company offer smaller quantities of specialist ingredients, which is especially useful for the creative or artisan perfumer. Olfactik boast one of the largest retail product ranges in Europe, from single odour molecules to complex bases and accords. The company also ship worldwide.

As well as individual ingredients, consumers can also purchase 'Formula Kits'. Each of the kits provides the ingredients needed to make a chypre and fougère type fragrance. Kit 1 also includes the ingredient to make a rose base; kit 2 provides ingredients to make four key floral bases; and Kit 3 gives you the additional ingredients to create eight key floral bases.

The kits also includes the basic equipment needed, along with simple step-by-step instructions and a written formula for each fragrance. We also provide additional suggestions for personaling each forumula to give it a unique edge. Purchasing a kit in this way also gives the benefit of a 10-15% cost saving on ingredients.

The company can also supply blotter strips, measuring beakers and disposable pipettes.

More information at

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    • mnaonbn | 17th July 2012 07:15

      Mod, please delete.

    • mumsy | 17th July 2012 14:57

      Nice designer approach. Nice designer prices. Should do well.

    • Sybarite | 22nd July 2012 12:25

      Great news !! ... Contrary to what "mnaonbn" thinks above, I've actual found I've mostly needed to order from the 'Perfumers Apprentice' in the USA, when needing smaller amounts of synthetics. It will be fantastic to have a source closer to home !

      In fact, ever since 'Perfumers Apprentice' opened I've been saying someone should open one in the UK. (Sadly, I have zero 'business skills, otherwise I'd have started one back then myself !) :) - So welcome news indeed !

      - - - Updated - - -

      P.S. ... Beautifully designed product and website by the way ! ~ Well done Olfactik !

    • mnaonbn | 30th July 2012 09:08

      Mod, please delete.

    • secondfloor | 1st August 2012 23:04

      Fantastic. What a great resource. It's been a struggle finding synthetics in small quantities in the UK without paying the steep foreign postal costs. I'm delighted Olfactik have filled the niche. I look forward to seeing their expanded range. I wonder if they'll eventually stock glass bottles/atomisers? And also whether they plan to list the ingredients in their bases like perfumer's apprentice, and provide more contextual information on how to use them in formulae? Perhaps they're aiming more towards the business side than the learning resource side of perfumer's apprentice.

    • Fabio Luisi | 2nd August 2012 04:39

      Good morning,

      you speak about other online retailers for perfume supplies. Since I am new to this interest, could you please send a list of such retailers? It would be highly appreciated!

      Thank you and best regards


    • mnaonbn | 2nd August 2012 05:57

      Mod, please delete.

    • Russell Newell | 13th August 2012 17:08

      Hi all,

      We launched Olfactik 3 weeks ago. The response so far has been fantastic and has kept us very busy, we love it. Thank you to everybody who has ordered and all the comments and feedback we have had.

      Based on the group's feedback (here and Yahoo Perfumemaking) here are a couple of the of the things we have done:

      - We now offer 50g and 100g quantities for most of the synthetics and some of the more popular naturals. This was a request from many of you.

      - Added x15 popular ingredients (we are aiming to do this as a minimum every couple of weeks from now on). Many of you have requested/suggested others and we are working on those as we speak.

      There are a few other areas we have also been asked to look at. We will be tackling these in the near future, including:

      - More equipment such as vials, mini-spray pumps, balances etc.

      - Adding more carrier oils and creams.

      - Guest bloggers.

      Again, thx for the feedback and support.