Body Shop launch five fair-trade fragrances inspired by different locations

19th July, 2012

The Body Shop have launched a new range of fragrances inspired by places all over the globe. According to the company, the five fragrances contain 100% organic essences and globally sourced natural extracts. The fragrances contain 100% Community Fair Trade alcohol made from sugar cane obtained from the CADO co-operative in the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador. The fragrances can be worn alone or combined to create a "truly individual scent."

Here are the five fragrances, with notes as given by The Body Shop.

Madagascan Vanilla Flower: "Off the coast of Africa, the fragrance of Madagascan Vanilla Flower travels on a warm, African breeze. An oriental, gourmand delight with notes of amber, frangipani and vanilla from Madagascar."

Japanese Cherry Blossom: "Express your romantic side as you pick Japanese Cherry Blossom in Kyoto. Fruity and floral, with top notes of Fuji apple and Chinese magnolia, alongside real Japanese cherry blossom"

Amazonian Wild Lily: "Discover a lush oasis in the Amazon with Amazonian Wild Lily. Green and fresh, with iris, orchid and papaya alongside white lilies from Brazil."

Indian Night Jasmine: "In India, wrap yourself in Indian Night Jasmine as it blooms under the moon. Spicy and seductive, notes of sandalwood and violet leaf fuse with orange blossom and jasmine from India."

Atlas Mountain Rose "In Morocco, envelop yourself in the scent of hand-picked Atlas Mountain Rose. Amber and musk combine with citrus notes, exotic spices and mountain rose extracts from Morocco."

The five fragrances are available now as eau de toilette, fragrance mist, body lotion, body wash and perfume oil.

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    • illyria | 19th July 2012 13:45

      Hmmm. I'll probably sniff them, because there is a Body Shop on my way home from work. But I'm not expecting much. They used to have some ok oils back in the day, but nowadays BS scents tend to be forgettably bland and generic.