Lady Gaga reveals Fame fragrance ad

18th July, 2012

Lady Gaga has revealed to her Twitter followers the ad campaign for her forthcoming Fame fragrance. The advert features Lady Gaga posing nude, with tiny men crawling on her. The campaign was shot by Stephen Klein.

Lady Gaga said on Twitter:

As previously reported, the fragrance has been created in partnership with Coty Inc and Haus Laboratories and contains notes of Belladonna, honey, saffron, apricot nectar, Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac.

Lady Gaga Fame will launch in September.

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    • Birdboy48 | 18th July 2012 16:09

      I'm sure it's difficult being Lady G : All that attention.

    • Mimi Gardenia | 18th July 2012 16:17

      Love that picture ! This is probably ( along with Madonna's ) celebrity scent I have been actually looking forward to . I would love to smell it at the very least.

    • LA2000 | 21st July 2012 06:16

      Great image. I could give or take her music, but like Madonna 20 years ago, she really is an artist who doesn't seem to do anything half way.

      As for being the first black eau de parfum (and I assume she is referring to the color of the juice) that would be incorrect. Olivier Durbano's Black Tourmaline Eau de Parfum is black and that hit the market in 2007.

    • Primrose | 21st July 2012 23:41

      She knows the value of the succes de scandale. In other words, all press is good press. She's working the media. Still, I would like to try the scent even if Etat LIbre d'Orange got there first with some of the notes with Secretions Magnifique.