007: Licensed to Smell

02nd August, 2012

It's hard to believe watching Daniel Craig parachute into the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, but Bond turns 50 this year (or at least the stories do). To celebrate in true British style, a fragrance has been created with Olympic partner Procter & Gamble, which will be sold in Harrods.

The inspiration behind the juice is described as "...Masculinity, charm and elegance. [Bond] is the quintessential icon with whom men everywhere identify. He is celebrated and reknowned across the world; an untouchable fantasy - as revered by men as he is desired by women."

So what does the smooth and suave Mr Bond smell like? Vetiver, Apple, Lavender and warm woods have all gone into the fragrance.

"At the time when the first Bond films of the 1960s revealed the ultimate masculine icon, the world of male fragrance witnessed the dawn of the unofficial hero scent signature for men – the Aromatic Fougere family of perfumes. This fragrance type epitomised the virile, vibrant masculinity of the times and continued to prosper into the 21st century. Only an Aromatic Fougere could bring to life Bond’s unique blend of masculinity and sophistication. Unapologetically masculine the Fougere backbone is rich with lavender, for a reassuring, yet elegant aromatic masculinity – moss and coumarin undertones create the 007 Fragrance."

The flacon is designed to reflect the literary hero's lifestyle, with a nod towards fast cars, sleek design and concealed gadgetry. In dark blue and silver, it features the globally recognised 007 emblem on the front.

The bottle features in the ad campaign, which has been shot by Greg Williams, the onsite photographer of the advertising for the last five chapters in the Bond Film story. The minimalistic campaign features all of the images we are familiar with and "Bond" is in shadow in classic suit and bow tie. 007 is available worldwide on a Harrods exclusive from August 15th. 75ml of EDT will retail at £32, with 125ml available for £42.

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    • scentsableguy | 2nd August 2012 12:32

      I like the sound of this. I will definitely be trying it, and it's a good price too.

      Although as a Bond and Ian Fleming purist, I have to be a bit pedantic and point out that Bond is actually 60 if you go from the publication of "Casino Royale". It's the films that turn 50...


    • Mesmer | 2nd August 2012 16:19

      Given that he was probably in his 20s when Fleming introduced him, I'd say that supposing he survived to enjoy it, Bond would be somewhere in his 80s and drawing a civil service retirement pension by now, and otherwise dreaming of a lottery win just like everyone else in his shoes. Good luck with the fragrance, James.

    • danny1967 | 2nd August 2012 16:56

      is james bond going to be seen in his next movie spraying himself with the eponymous fragrance before bedding some 'bond beauty'? now that would be the ultimate product placement and would easily overtake aventus in commercial sales and legendary status as the maximus decimus of all panty droppers (shudder and laugh inside simultaneously).

    • jic | 2nd August 2012 18:32

      Bond would probably have been in his mid-to-late thirties when he was introduced. I doubt you'd find a naval Commander in his 20s.

    • Mesmer | 2nd August 2012 19:50

      Fast-tracking. It's routine for high-flyers. :wink:

    • jic | 2nd August 2012 22:06

      That is true. :smiley:

      Actually, I remember reading once that Ian Fleming believed, based on his experience in mission planning during WWII, that the prime age for a covert operative was somewhere in the mid-30s. The idea was that they would be old enough to have considerable military experience, but still young enough to handle the physical demands of the job. When he created Bond, he chose his age range accordingly.

    • Mesmer | 3rd August 2012 09:33

      I bow to your superior knowledge Fleming-wise, and the possibility that you might have some insider connections, 'jic': Joint Intelligence Committee? So all the more credit to the randy chancer Bond for being so enterprising in his 90s.

      If the fragrance is successful, I wonder if Fabergé will respond by resurrecting Brut in association with one Harry Palmer?

    • jic | 3rd August 2012 10:04

      Nope, just my initials. Actually, I have no claim to being an expert on Fleming and Bond; but I've read some articles and seen some documentaries on the subject fairly recently, and the stuff about Bond's age stuck in my memory.

      "Resurrecting Brut"? Aren't they still making it? I bought some about a month ago. Did Harry Palmer use Brut in the movies, or do you just think it's the sort of thing he would use? A Harry Palmer reboot wouldn't be a bad idea if they did it right.

    • scentsableguy | 3rd August 2012 11:44

      Bond was allegedly born on November 11 1920 which would have made him in his early 30's during "Casino Royale" and the age for which agents were supposed to retire from "the field" according to Fleming was 37.

      (Bonds birthdate courtesy of he excellent "James Bond-the Authorised Biography" by John Pearson, in which the author is commissioned to write the life story of 007 who "really existed" and whose stories were written by Fleming under licence from the British Secret Service as a form of "misnformation" to confuse the enemies of the empire.

      Check it out it's a great book- written in 1973 but it has been republished

    • NDN-01 | 3rd August 2012 14:32

      As to the fragrance, I have heard of it earlier and thought it would be rather cheesy based on the write up. This artical, however, has me actually looking forward totrying it.

    • ErikJ | 3rd August 2012 18:54

      thinking about importing this to the states or will it be available here? just for the flacon it self just looks good in my collection!!! and they say apple smell yup its in my book. I wonder how its gonna open up when ya have a couple of shaken martinis at the local ultra lounge!