Divya Dugar's touching photographs of India's disappearing perfume distilleries on CNN

by Lila Das Gupta, 07th August, 2012

Divya Dugar is a freelance photojournalist who took some beautiful, evocative photographs for CNN's international website, CNN Go. The photographs are of workers at the Pragati Aroma Distillery in Kannauj in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India's 'fragrance capital' This is one of around 200 perfume ingredient processing plants left. The compay produces attars, but it seems that these sorts of distilleries, which have existed for generations are becoming a thing of the past.

From the article:

[INDENT=2]Pushpraj Jain, owner of Pragati Aroma Distillery, knows of five traditional perfumeries that have closed down just this year.

Sandalwood oil production is virtually gone, he says, with all but one of the 21 remaining mills closing its doors in last decade.

"We have been making attar for generations -- it is in my blood," says Jain, who is in his late fifties. "But people are forgetting the value of attar. That it is completely organic and holds therapeutic value as well."

You can see the images at: http://www.cnngo.com/mumbai/life/pictures-fading-fragrance-kannauj-indias-perfume-capital-974565

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      • Birdboy48 | 10th August 2012 05:36

        Some pretty soulful pictures for sure.

      • azraakhter | 13th August 2012 21:48

        This is sad. I have been using attar(perfume oil) all my life.