Michael Edwards to launch e-book of out-of-print English version of Perfume Legends [News from Pitti]

by Lila Das Gupta, 14th September, 2012

No perfume fair would be complete without international fragrance expert Michael Edwards, whose daunting task it is to keep track of new realeases both in the niche and mainstream world.

Some upcoming projects from Michael to look out for:

Perfume Legends, probably the best perfume book ever written has been out of print for a number of years (the English version), but will be released in the New Year as an e-book, available through iTunes.

The arduous taks of keeping up with thousands of new releases has taken Michael away from another project in recent years: the sister publication to Perfume Legends, French Feminine Fragrances, was always intended to be a book on American Legends, which would cover the all the American perfume landmarks. This is something that Michael is once again actively working on: "My life got hijacked by all the new fragrances" he jokes, "now I can please myself." The project is always one which has been close to his heart, and has been much awaited by those who appreciated the first title.

Basenotes also got a sneak preview of the artwork for the new Fragrances of the World 2013, which comes out in January. The photographs are of the work of Sydney florist 'Grandiflora'. Every year in spring David Jones, the Australian department store in Sydney has a flower show. This year it gave over its 14 windows to the florist to create works based on Michael Edwards fragrance families - each one, one of the sub-categories in the fragrance wheel.

You can see the window for the Fruity family below, click here to see other pictures from the store's Facebook page.

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    • harper | 16th September 2012 00:19

      i am *so* happy to hear that American Feminine Fragrances will finally be written!

      i wonder if, some day, there will also be the masculine legends (french, american, whatever?)

      i remember that more than 10 years ago he spoke of it...