Andy Tauer on Tableau de Parfum's Loretta [News from Pitti]

15th September, 2012

In this video, perfumer Andy Tauer tells Basenotes about Loretta, the latest fragrance in the Tableau de Parfums range. Tableau de Parfums is an ongoing collaboration between Tauer and filmmaker Brian Pera. The Tableau perfumes are portraits inspired by the shorts of Pera’s ongoing film series, Woman’s Picture.

The Loretta fragrance includes notes of tuberose absolute, aldehydes, rose absolute, orange blossom and woods. For those within the vicinity of Lucky Scent, the company will be holding a launch party for the fragrance in October in LA.

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    • redrose | 17th September 2012 14:00

      I anticipate that Loretta will prove to be as beautiful as Miriam, the other Tauer perfume from this series that's already been released, and I'm looking forward to sampling it. But - as with Miriam, I really struggle with the idea of having a perfume with a story line. Why conflate film and perfume? I like my perfumes to express my own multiplicity of selves, sensual, romantic, creative, and so on. I don't want them to come with their own personal history! Luckily, I haven't seen Miriam, so the film doesn't spoil the perfume for me.

      Both films and Tauer's scents look good enough to stand on their own. There's no need for this somewhat muddled and - to me, at least - confusing marketing strategy. Please don't tell me what to think of when I wear your wonderful perfumes, Andy - I love them for themselves alone, and I bring to them my own ideas and stories when I sniff them!

    • gimmegreen | 18th September 2012 09:55

      Does anyone know how to source samples of Tableu perfumes in Europe?

      I wish Andy would sell them from his own site.

    • redrose | 18th September 2012 11:36

      You can get samples of some Tauer scents from Les Senteurs in London. Their website is at They don't carry all his scents, though, so I've also ordered samples from The Perfumed Court and luckyscent in the past. I quite agree with you, gimmegreen, it would be great if he sold them from his own site.

    • gimmegreen | 18th September 2012 14:23

      Thanks redrose. Sadly Les Senteurs don't seem to carry the Tableau perfumes.