House of Sillage at Pitti Imagine Fragranze Fair 2012

by Lila Das Gupta, 16th September, 2012

The award for 'Most Glamorous Packaging' could easily have gone to House of Sillage at this year’s Pitti Fragrance Fair. The custom-made, domed lids on the line’s perfume bottles are encrusted with Swarovski crystal - hard to resist even for the most bling-averse visitors.

The bottles are made in France and hand polished. The juice has been made by perfumer Francis Camail who made Tiara and Benevolence for the line, and Mark Buxton, who made Cherry Garden, Emerald Rain and Love is In The Air.

Founder Nicole S. Mather from Corona Del Mar in California was showing the line for the first time at Pitti. “I was born in Romania but brought up in America, so I've always had European roots. My background is in finance – institutional equity sales – and I worked with companies like Goldman Sacks, UBS and Smith Barney. I’ve always had a love of fragrance, so I said ‘one day, when I leave the world of finance I’m going to do something with perfume’.

I wanted to create something that joined fashion and fragrance – the essence of jewellery in the cap, and also to have the best of the best when it comes to packaging.”

The bottle and lids are made in France. Swarovski made a customised blue stone just for the House. Some caps, like the Siberian tiger that is to be found on ‘Emerald Rain’, took almost 2,000 Swarovski crystals to complete the design.

The signature line sells for $280, with the Special Limited Edition line that has more elaborate lids retailing at $1,000. “Only 1,000 pieces are made in the limited edition” says Nicole. “All the pieces are numbered.”

Tiara has been available since last year, the rest of the collection is due to launch this month. Stockists are listed on the website.

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