Xerjoff To Release New Line ‘Join The Club’ And Showcases New Range of Attars [News from Pitti]

by Lila Das Gupta, 16th September, 2012

Italian fragrance house Xerjoff is to release a new line called ‘Join The Club’. The ten fragrances that make up the line are said to be linked to a particular world that could be called a club or a ‘community’.


  • Fatal Charm – relates to the world of fashion

  • 40 Notes – takes inspiration from yatchs and the world of sailing

  • Ascot Moon – the world of equestrian elegance

  • Kind of Blue – inspired by jazz, bluegrass and music in general

  • Birdie – takes in the world of golf

  • Commandante! – Draws inspiration from cigars (Kennedy, Castro and Churchill all enjoyed)

  • Ivory Route – the world of Adventures and exploration

  • Marquee – (the French wor for theatre billboards) Musicals

  • Shunkoin – Spiritualism, Japanese Buddhism

  • More Than Words – Poets and Literature

    Each perfume box contains a special card with an individual serial number so that customers can register with the website for information about ‘the club’ and to offer information about their thoughts on the perfume. The company are not giving perfume notes out for the fragrances as they wish to leave this interpretation up to the customer.

    The company hopes to launch each collection in a specific club. Precise launch dates are still to be confirmed.

    Also on show at Pitti Fragranze were a series of five attars, all containing oud. (Very beautiful and well worth seeking out – we’ve given a brief description).


  • Sweet Assam (a classic oud)

  • Java Blossom (woody oud)

  • Sukar Aswad (with rose)

  • Oud Luban (floral)

  • Warda al Oud (with rose)

    The attars should be available next month at all doors selling Xerjoff.

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      • MonkeyBars | 17th September 2012 02:37

        I understand the impetus behind the decision for a house not releasing frags' notes, but it does make it highly inconvenient for fumeheads to choose products to sample.

      • furrypine | 21st September 2012 06:47

        I think it means that the primary customer of Xerjoff doesn't care about notes, or how much the fragrance costs. They do, however, care about exclusivity, and the promise of a club is an inventive gimmick to get them interested.

        The bottle looks cheap, at least from the picture, and the box too, nothing special about it at all.

      • iivanita | 23rd February 2013 22:55

        i have tried number 1, and number 10 :) oh boy they are so simmilar, i smell somwthing very sweet intensive, like patchouli rose combo in both! 10the only beeing much stronher...

        number 1 also smells like ambery...vanillic....colour orange/red :)