Vote for the best "TAWAF" review and you can win some Tawaf...

09th October, 2012

A few months ago perfumer Dominique Dubrana of AbdesSalaam Attar gave members of Basenotes the chance to sample and review his fragrance “Tawaf”, (which you can read more about here). We would now like to ask Basenotes readers to vote for which review they think is the best.

The reviewer with the most votes will receive a Tawaf blending kit, and a runner up will win a 33 ml bottle of Tawaf. To thank those of you that vote, one of the voters will also recieve a bottle of the fragrance.

The official presentation copy of Tawaf will be compiled from the best reviews, with the names of the reviewers attached

You can read the reviews, and vote for your favourite here.

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