Bond No.9 announce New York Musk

12th October, 2012

Bond No.9 have added New York Musk to their "New York Notes" series, which also includes New York Oud and New York Amber. The company's aim with musk was to "foreground this ancient staple, propel it into the 21st century, and give it exquisite metro-bona fides—so that even the most seasoned scent aficionados will be struck by its beauty and largesse"

The fragrance opens with a blend of grapefruit flower, blackcurrant, and galbanum; heart notes are osmanthus flower,lilies, peaches and apricots; and the base features patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and of course, musk.

The scent is available from November at Bond No.9 stockists.

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      • Francop | 12th October 2012 14:33

        Sounds good!

        - - - Updated - - -

        Is it in the directory already?

      • Scentologist | 14th October 2012 07:18

        I hope the color of the bottle eludes to it's character. I just hope it isn't too fem and its reading that way.

      • Dichterliebe | 15th October 2012 18:34

        I wonder if they've put any more effort into this one than the average of the rest of their massive line, or if anyone will notice one more among all the noise. Granted, Chinatown is marvelous and there's a couple other standouts, but based on their usual output I'm skeptical perfume aficionados will be struck by its beauty.