Topman launch new fragrance : Distil

12th October, 2012

British men's clothing brand, Topman, are to launch a new fragrance called Distil. The scent was created by Azzi Glasser, who also developed last year's Topman fragrances Parfum No. 16 and Parfum No. 27. The aim with Distil was formulate a premium fragrance that would sit amongst, but also stand out against other premium men's brands. Glasser says "I was inspired by the energy, coolness and passion within a man. I wanted to try to capture that within a modern fragrance – it was quite a challenge in perfumery-terms."

Top notes for Distil include juniper, petitgrain, blood orangeand ginger stem; the top leads to a hear of notes which contain sea moleculesand modern ozone wood molecules; while the dry down features whitewoods, olibanum, cashmeran and earthy musks.

The vivid aqua, black and white packaging is unusual in that it is designed upside down. The rubber cap is on the base, and the glass bottle on top.

To support the launch of Distil an exclusive national cinema campaign, created and directed by Alex Turvey, will run for three weeks in the leadup to the launch of the fragrance. Turvey was described by Vogue UK as one of the fifteen‘Creatives who will define the future of British Arts.’

“We wanted to create a visually captivating piece of film that would own the cinema space and reallyconnect with the Topman audience. The idea grew out of the clean geometry of the bottle design andthe Distil name itself - a moment of clarity and a point of refinement where you’ve reached a deeperunderstanding about your own style identity. To communicate that concept we wanted to show ourhero boy in a moment of transition driven by his own inner power magnified by the Distil fragrance.Masculine yet elegant, energetic yet poised, the film will tap into an epic look that speaks with authorityof Topman’s fashion heritage.” says Turvey.

The fragrance will be available in two sizes – 50ml priced at £25 and 100ml priced at £32 from November5th across twenty selected national Topman stores nationwide and

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    • Ken Cosgrove | 13th October 2012 14:00

      I hope it has better longevity than their previous two fragrances. I bought one because it was a bargain and beared a slight resemblance to Grey Vetiver, but it was gone within an hour.

    • pawful | 13th October 2012 21:39

      I bought the last one because i got sucked in by the slick ad copy and low price, but least two non-perfume friends (without knowing what it was) criticised it, saying it smelt cheap, and like something only a 14 year old boy would wear. Which is, once you take away the marketing, what it is.

    • danny1967 | 15th October 2012 08:26

      first lidl, now topman. no comment.