Unilever launch Lynx Apollo (but a new version)

14th November, 2012

Unilever have launched Lynx Apollo, described by the company as having "The strong, sweet, nutty aroma of clary sage combined with sparkling fruits gives a teasing and fresh first impression", which according to Lynx is "perfect for helping men get ahead in the mating game." A fragrance with the same name was previously available but since discontinued. A spokesperson from Unilever told us that "the new Lynx Apollo fragrance is an entirely brand new fragrance"

However, fans of the original may be in luck: David on the forums states "it seemed to me to be close if not identical to the original release.......but it was so long ago since I last smelled the original", he also mentions that he hopes they bring back Lynx Tempest, an aftershave of which fetched a whopping £210 on eBay in 2010.

The new Lynx fragrance (known as Axe in most other countries) is available as body spray, anti perspirant deodorant, shampoo, styling gel and shower gel.

The ad campaign for the fragrance will begin next year. In the meantime, here's the promo for the original Lynx Apollo from the nineties.

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